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Moving Checklist - Preparing for your Departure from Indonesia

Moving is never an easy task, but with proper preparation (and of course, choosing the right moving company!), it will surely save you from any headaches. With so many things to remember, here is a comprehensive checklist of the things you should do for your move. The moving company you choose will also furnish you with convenient labels for sea, air, and storage items.

planning your move to Indonesia2 Months Before the Move

Inform the following as to the dates of your departure and the forwarding address for all outstanding bills.

  • Banks
  • Club membership
  • Credit and charge cards
  • Embassies
  • Landlord
  • Post office
  • Relatives and friends
  • Schools
  • Solicitors/lawyers
  • Stocks and shares
  • Tax department


  • Car
  • packing for your move to indonesiaHome
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Life assurance

Saying Goodbye to Friends

Take some time to thoughtfully plan goodbye gatherings with the various groups of friends that you have made during your stay in Indonesia, for yourself, your spouse and your children. Recognize that these friends have been your support group through times of crisis, fun, and learning. Make a plan to stay in touch via email or Facebook or plan a return trip to Indonesia in a year's time to visit your friends! You'll be surprised how often the paths of an internationally based group of expats will cross in the future.

1 Month Before the Move

  • Back-up your personal computer
  • Arrange for a pre-move survey
  • Decide on the items to be shipped for air and sea
  • Dispose of excess or redundant items
  • Give away/sell plants or used furniture/appliances
  • Prepare insurance valuation list
  • Sell car and set pick-up date
  • Visit your dentist to obtain dental records
  • Visit your doctor to obtain medical records

Verify all documentation required for the country of destination:

  • Resident permits
  • Tickets
  • Visa
  • Work Permits

moving survey with moving consultantArrange for the following items:

  • International driver’s license
  • Personal accident and medical insurance
  • School records Traveller’s schedules

At the Survey

  • Discuss customs formalities with your moving consultant, i.e. documents and procedures
  • Pet handling
  • Point out the high value items for special handling
  • Show the moving consultant the items going by sea/air
  • Storage requirements
  • Transit insurance

2 Weeks Before the Move

  • Give notice to discontinue services
  • Clean your refrigerator thoroughly with a strong detergent.
  • This will reduce the chances of mold & mildew forming during shipping.
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Electricity/gas/water
  • moving company - moving from indonesiaGrocery
  • Magazines subscription
  • Newspaper deliver company
  • Reduce/dispose of all frozen or perishable foods
  • Telephone company and mobile phone

1 Week Before the Move

Confirm the following:

  • Bank records
  • Birth certificate
  • Flight arrangements
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Identity card
  • Insurance policy
  • International driving license
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical and dental records
  • Medicine
  • Passport
  • moving to or from IndonesiaSchool records
  • Tickets
  • Traveller’s cheques
  • Valuables/jewelry

During the Move

  • Orientate the packers to the shipment, point out the items that are most valuable to you.
  • Be present during packing so as to answer any questions packers may have.
  • Let the packers do the packing.
  • Sign & retain a copy of the inventory. Request vessel information and destination agent contact information.
  • Hand-carry high valued items, such as jewelry, etc.
  • Put air tickets, passports, receipts & other important documents in a safe place to avoid these items being packed with your shipment.
  • After packing, check all rooms, closets & patio, etc. with the crew leader to make sure that all items have been packed, loaded into the container.

Relaxed during a move from IndonesiaArrival at Destination

  • Contact the destination agent to notify them of your arrival and to complete any import customs forms/set up delivery
    date or storage, if required.
  • Upon delivery at your residence let the movers unpack your cartons and remove the debris.
  • On the day of delivery check off each carton and direct them to the respective room.
  • Before the packers leave, ensure that all boxes are empty so as not to miss any small household pieces that may have been overlooked.
  • If there is a shortage of items or any damage, list these items on the inventory and bill of lading. File a claim as soon as possible. Contact the moving consultant. Do not hesitate to inquire as to the status of your claim.

Download a PDF version of this checklist.

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