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Stories about Expat Living in Indonesia:
By Expats, for Expats!

The following are stories that readers and website volunteers have submitted. They are meant to provide a more personal view to the experience of living in Indonesia. The latest stories submitted are at the top.

Jakarta Bucket List

Nur, Homing Pigeon

A Perfect Lunch Break

Flirting with Marilyn

Dengue Fever Experience

Do you Believe in Magic?

Travel, tow trucks and time-sensitive tribulations

Purple Passion

The Post Office

Fitness and other Ludicrous Fantasies

Family Holiday to Tanjung Kodok

Guidelines for  Indonesian Motorbike Drivers

Culture Shock or Just an Old Git?

At the Crater's Edge

Jakarta ’s Mind-boggling Streets

Short Stories from "City of Dreams" by Mark Medley

Smart, Single and Wealthy

The Stadium

Mike's Missing Underpants

Unknown Islands

Buses From Hell

Seven Floors above a Cemetery

Chicken Harry

The Villages that Disappeared - reflections after the 2009 Padang Earthquake

Indonesian Food Etiquette

Jakarta Canine Nightingales

The Curse of the Horse Lady - a Travel Tale

A Polite Smile for Every Occasion

Ray Doodoh: How to raise US$110,000 in six weeks - This is the amazing story of how expats and Indonesians banded together to save a colleague

Beating the Jakarta Floods

Thief of Hearts - The Thief of Baghad...Jakarta

Jakarta Rats

Knalpot Anyone? - just what do those mysterious signs refer to?

Wimps and Woofswhich one are you?

Ring, Ring ... an encounter with Indonesian telephone etiquette

Managing house guests: when home turns into a Hilton

Pak Mul

Bum Soup

Difficult Times Hit Java - a Lebaran story

Strange Encounteres in Medan by a Singaporean

Obat Batuk Di Sulawesi (Sulawesi Cough Medicine)

The Fork Bandit

The Drain People

The Kemang Street Circuit

Organised Chaos!

The Patient Javanese

You Know You've Gone Native When ...

Een Lady in the Bus

Ghosts or Ghos-sips?

Don't You Just LOVE It Here?

So you think you want to live in Bali?

Are we being Spoilt or What?

The Movies

How Many Nitas are out there ... ?

You know you're a Bule with a Mission if you ...

What the Velvet Butterfly Wanted

A Question of Balance

Unlikely Jakarta Post Headlines

A Quite Afternoon at the Home Office

Life Artist

Low Tech in a High Tech World

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Jakarta Style

You must be a Newcomer to Indonesia if ...

First Impressions upon Moving to Indonesia

Faith was a girl ...

Bule - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

You Know You're a MK when ...

You Know You've Been in Indonesia Too Long if ... (updated)

Foreign advisers and Consultants as Catalysts ... Donna Woodward's JP article opens a debate

You may be a resident of a large city in SE Asia if ...

The Expat Wife's Prayer

Web Poll #1 - Is it polite to leave your dipper in the Bak Mandi?

Top 10 Best of Living in Indonesia

Hash in Hell

You Know You're an Expat Kid in Asia when ...

Sexy Jenny and other stories

The New Car

Bali to remote East Java, Road trip

On e Hundred Percent American ... or is it??

Dear Everyone - a letter home from Juerg

The Bishop's Telephone

Company Picnic - Indonesian Style

I Spy in East Java ... a road game for the trip to Bali

Indonesia with Erma Bombeck

The Indonesian Experience: 1999

Learning to Drive in Jakarta

The 10 Commandments for Expats

The World - a Unique Perspective

Having fun with Bahasa Indonesia(the national language)

The Do-It-Yourself Store

Kids You Don't Love

A Kitemaker's Guide to the Archipelago


A Lone Englishman's Experiences

You Must Be An Indonesian If ...

Bits of Advice

The Good and the Bad -- Reasons to Live in Indonesia

It's my fault II

It was my fault

Expat Orientation Test

How to Drive in Indonesia


You Might Be An American Expat in Indonesia If...

Elevator Usage in Indonesia

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