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Useful Links on Indonesia

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General Information on Indonesia

An Introduction to Indonesia
Country Reports Indonesia
Latitudes: Your Gateway to Southeast Asia
NationMaster - wide range of introductory facts on Indonesia

City/Island/Province Specific Information

Indonesia and Bali Tourism - great link lists under each province page
StartKabel Jakarta (link list in Dutch)


East Java
Interactive Map of Yogyakarta
Semarang in Photos - Dutch and some English - great pictures


Mekar Bhuana Association for the Preservation of Balinese Classical Gamelan & Dance
StartKabel Bali (link list in Dutch)
Good Morning Bali - and Bali Bonjour


North Sulawesi

Doing Business in Indonesia

Indonesian Stock Exchange
Tax Directorate Directorate General - Finance Ministry
Transparency International - the global coalition against corruption

Indonesian Arts, Culture and History

American Gamelan Institute - good links to gamelan, wayang, music and Indonesian performing arts
Asia Society's Ask Asia - Resources about Asia for Educators
Aural Indonesia - field records of traditional music around the archipelago
Broery Pesulima - history of an Indonesian singer
East Indies Museum - in Singapore - interesting collection!
Indonesian Myths
Indonesian Temples (in French)
Petroglyphs in Borneo - Pics/info on Petroglyphs in Kalimantan caves - French/English
Radio Arts Indonesia e-blog - news for classical music enthusiasts
Sejarah Indonesia - timelines for Indonesian history
Timescape Indonesia - Indonesia in History

Indonesian Batik

Indonesian Batik Links

Indonesian Nature, Wildlife and Environment-related Sites

Guning Bagging - Climbing the mountains of Indonesia
Harapan Rainforest in Sumatra
International Rhino Foundation
Krakatoa: The Great Explosion of the Krakatau Volcano in 1883
Orangutan Foundation International
ProFauna Indonesia - Indonesian society for the protection of wild animals and their habitats
Save the Tiger Fund
Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme
Sumatra Orangutan Society

Helpful Info

Easy Unit Converter - length, volume, temperature and other conversion helps
Oanda Foreign Currency Converter
Going Green in Jakarta
Google Maps - Indonesia - some of Google's interactive features are available !
Kereta Api Indonesia - train schedules and routes of the national railway
Maps of the effects of rising ocean levels on Indonesia
Maps of Indonesia - great resource with all kinds of maps!
MoneyTransferComparison: Best Money Transfers List for expats
Studio 21 Cineplex Theatres - Jakarta chain of theatres - has showtimes
Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for Indonesia
The World Clock- another great way to tell what time it is in another city around the world
USGS National Earthquake Information Center - updates on earthquakes around the world
Weather forecast for Jakarta
World Time Server- know what time it is anywhere in the world

Online Newspapers, Magazines and Newsletters

The Jakarta Globe
Jakarta News.net
The Jakarta Post- Indonesia's foremost English language newspaper
Kompas Online (Bahasa Indonesia)
Voice of America Internet Talk Radio Station

Political & Social Commentary / Civil Society

Development Leadership Program
Inside Indonesia - online version - great articles on contemporary Indonesia
Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd. Home Page
Salam Jakarta

Indonesia in the World News

The Washington Post
Voice of America

Indonesian Embassies and Consulates Abroad

Department of Foreign Affairs Rep. of Indonesia (Menlu) - listing of Indonesian embassies and consulates overseas

Complete listing of Foreign Embassies in Jakarta
Embassy of Indonesia in Budapest, Hungary
Embassy of Indonesia in Helsinki, Finland
Embassy of Indonesia in Copenhagen, Denmark
Embassy of Indonesia in London, United Kingdom
Embassy of Indonesia in Oslo, Norway
Embassy of Indonesia in Ottawa, Canada
Embassy of Indonesia in Paris, France
Embassy of Indonesia in Stockholm, Sweden
Embassy of Indonesia in Washington, DC, the United States
Indonesian Mission to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva

Indonesian Government Agencies

Bank Indonesia
Financial Services Authority of Indonesia/Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (formerly Bapepam)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Menlu)
Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications
Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)
Indonesian Stock Exchange

Search Engines and Link Lists

National Library of Australia - Indonesian Internet Sites
Start Indonesia
StartKabel Indonesie (link list in Dutch)

Bahasa Indonesia, learning the National Language

Indonesian Words and Phrases - a phrase book for expats
Bahasa Kita -Indonesian Language Practical Learning Site for Everybody
Digital Dialects Indonesian - fun online games for improving Bahasa Indonesia vocabulary
Hello Indonesia
Learning Indonesian - free audio-based introduction to the language
Proununciation Guide for Bahasa Indonesia

Online Dictionaries / Translation:
Freelang - translate Bahasa Indonesia into several languages
Google Translate

Health Links

American Academy of Pediatrics
American College of Emergency Physicians: good general advice for travelers.
International Society of Travel Medicine
Medscape - the leading interactive, multi-specialty, commercial web service for clinicians and consumers. Chock full of useful information
Merck - an educational and informational resource on Merck products.
RX List - information on roughly 4,000 commonly-used drugs.
US Center for Disease Control

CDC's Health Information for Travelers to Indonesia

Cholera Information for Travelers

Dengue Fever Information

Food and Water Precautions and Travellers' Diarrhea

HIV/AIDS Prevention

Leptospirosis information


Typhoid Fever information

World Health Organization (international home page)

Travel Links

Bali Travel Forum
Choosing a Travel Agent for your travel in Indonesia
Great Escapes - travel through Indonesian on your next holiday - some great escapes from expat life in the big city!
Indonesia Travel Guide
Indonesian Railways site - official site has schedules and routes - all in Indonesian
The Lonely Planet
Tourism Indonesia
Travel Indonesia - Indonesia's Official Tourism website
Travel Insurance for Indonesia
Exploring Sumatra - Travel Blog - Follow the adventures of Agung and Charlie around the island of Sumatra

Travel Advisories

American Embassy in Jakarta
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Consular Advisories
Australian Embassy in Jakarta
British Embassy in Jakarta
US State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Travel Warnings
... or check with your embassy in Jakarta

Expat Personal Home Pages and Blogs

Aida Speaks Out
Arlo Hennings Survival Guide for Potential First Time Expats to Bali and Indonesia
Everything Indonesia - A spotlight on Indonesian travel, culture, religion, politics and investment
Giorni Balinesi (in Italian)
Good Morning Bali - and Bali Bonjour (in French)
Indonesia Etc - Exploring the Improbable Nation
Jak Snaps
Jakarta 100 Bars
Jakarta News
Java Jive
Marek Bialoglowy's Blog
Not the Jakarta Post
We Love Jakarta - Bule Masuk Kampung

General Expat-Related Sites

Americans in Indonesia - to keep Americans living in Indonesia informed about laws, regulations and insider information that impact American expats in Indonesia
Barnabas International - website specifically for children and families living overseas as missionaries
Easy Expat - International Relocation
Expat Exchange
Expat Focus
Expat Network
Expats Abroad - for expats worldwide
How to Become an Expat - The Ultimate Guide NEW
Interaction International - assists with the questions and concerns of Third Culture Kid and their families
Living Abroad
Tales of a Small Planet
Third Culture Kids - The Official Home of Third Culture Kids - Great info for kids moving overseas
Transitions Abroad

Country-specific Sites for Expats Relocating to Other Countries

asiaXPAT.com - Hong Kong
Aktau Expats - Kazakhstan
Bangladesh International Community NEWS web
Belgium Expatriate Community site - The Bulletin
British Expats
Expat NL - Netherlands
How to Germany
Jobs in Japan
Life in Korea
Expat Peru
Moscow Expat Site
North American Connection -for North Americans living in England
Panama CZ Brats -site for Expats in Panama
Singapore Expats
Work and Play Korea

Escape Artist's Expatriate web sites around the world

Expat-Indonesian/Indonesian Community Groups Overseas

Indo-Irish Community - Indonesians in Ireland
USINDO - The United States-Indonesia Society

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If you have other good links for Indonesia, please contact us and we'll add them to the list to share with others!


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