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To succeed in business, to penetrate the Indonesian market, to make the sale, to meet the right people, to position yourself so that your business will survive and thrive - these and many other key elements of your business strategy are dependent on accurate business information and sound advice.

Consultants abound in Jakarta. Be sure that the ones you work with on have well-established networks and significant depth of knowledge of the Indonesian business community. Consult with members of your business association for good referrals.

CDa As a leading Design Firm in Indonesia, Citra Duta Artistry (CDA) has been servicing multinational clients in Indonesia since 1993. CDA specializes in corporate office Interior Design, with a staff of over 20 trained professionals in our Jakarta office, we combine overseas experience and a local staff to deliver an international level of service at locally competitive prices. Our many clients will attest to our professionalism, creativity and the attention we give each project. Some recently completed projects, include: DBS Bank, FedEx, British American Tobacco among many others including more than a few global Tech Companies. These projects prove that a professional design service is an essential component of a successful business. CDA can save you both time and money in your next fit-out, move or reorganization through our proven design and project management record. Please read our
Anti-Corruption statement, as well as these informative articles - Moving Your Office, Activity Based Working in Office Design, and Building Evaluation Service.

PT Widya Presisi Solusi PT Widya Presisi Solusi is one of Indonesia's best payroll outsourcing and HR Information System providers. Because we are very concerned about the client's needs, which are on time, accuracy, and confidentiality, we achieved the Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 certification in 2017 and Information Security Management Systems ISO 27001 in 2019, both from British Standard Institution. We have served over 60 clients from various industries, including publicly listed companies, local companies, multinational companies, and NGOs.

By hiring a payroll specialist, your HR and management can focus on achieving more strategic issues in your organization's objectives. Our clients trust us to calculate and assist in transferring their employees' monthly salaries, reporting income taxes to the Tax Office, and providing social security benefits to BPJS Tenaga Kerja accurately, confidentially, and on time.

If you want to digitalize and integrate the HR administration and payroll process without losing contact with your employees, useĀ myquantumhr, our HR Information System, in the cloud. The software can help monitor the emotion of the employees and automate HR business processes such as leave, reimbursement, or claim so that HR and superior can interact with the employee based on the provided information. By using the services of a professional firm both in Payroll outsourcing and HRIS, you can be confident that your organization will comply with Indonesian tax and labour regulations and increase satisfaction from your employees because of the accuracy of tax calculations and streamline the business process in the HR function. HR can function well as the HR Business Partner of your organization. Our services may also reduce your in-house HR function expenses by 25% (Internal Survey). For further information, please get in touch with us. See also this related article - Employee Compensation Benefits: Indonesian Regulations.

Jez O'Hare-professional photographerJez O'Hare is a freelance photographer (and micro-light pilot), with a photo library of Indonesia. Based in Bandung. Jez has decades of experience in aerial and location photography for industry, government, and advertising. His work has been published in various books and magazines. Our website features photos, movies, maps, and info.

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Last updated July 6, 2022