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Religious Services in Foreign Languages

Many types of religious services are organized by the expatriate community and services/activities are held in foreign languages (English, French, German, etc.). If there is a significant community for a particular religious group, you can be pretty certain that the members of that community will have formed a group, formal or informal, wherein they can practice their religion together.

The Indonesian constitution recognizes and guarantees religious freedom. The Indonesian government recognizes these six religions for Indonesian citizens: Islam, Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Hindu Buddhist, and Confucianism. According to Indonesian law, every citizen has to declare their religion, and this designation is put on a person's official documents, although they have the option to leave that section blank.

If the religion you practice is one of the above, you would be able to join the Indonesian community of followers and worship with them. There may, however, be a language barrier. You may also find differences in the way your religion is practiced within the Indonesian congregation - different from what you are accustomed to in your home country.

If you prefer to practice your religion in your native tongue, you will find that religious services in Indonesia (especially in Jakarta where the expat community is larger) are held in English, Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Tagalog, German, Urdu, Hindi and other languages.

Below is a listing of the various religious services that we have information on. If you have an email contact for a congregation or worship service of expatriates that is not listed below, please share it with us and we will contact the leaders and get complete information from them to post on this website.

Christian Church Services in Jakarta:

Abbalove MarketPlace Ministry Protestant

All Saints Anglican Church Protestant

Calvary Life Fellowship in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang Protestant

Catholic Masses and CCD Classes in English Catholic

Catholic Masses in German, French, Korean and Spanish Catholic

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - English congregation - Jakarta

Deutschsprachige Katholische Gemeinde (German Speaking Catholic Community)

Evangelische Gemeinde Deutscher Sprache Protestant (German)

GBI Fatmawati Protestant

GBI Rehobot Ministry Protestant

GSJA International House of Praise (I-HOPE) Protestant

Grace Methodist Church Protestant

Immanuel Church - Protestant (Services in Dutch)

International Charismatic Worship Service

International English Service Protestant

International English Service - IES South - Protestant

Jakarta Central Church of Seventh Day Adventist Protestant

Jakarta Community Church Protestant

Jakarta International Baptist Church Protestant

Jakarta International Christian Fellowship Protestant

Jakarta International Seventh-day Adventist Church Protestant

Simply Jesus Protestant

Wesley Methodist Church Jakarta Protestant

Christian Religious Services in Expat Communities Outside Jakarta

Church Services in Bali

Church Services in Bandung, West Java

Bintaro English Service in Bintaro, Tangerang

Church Services in Bogor, West Java

Church Services in Medan, North Sumatra

Church Services in Semarang, Central Java

Church Services in Surabaya, East Java

Church Services in Yogyakarta, Central Java

Muslim Services in Jakarta:

Sisters - expatriate Muslim women's group, Koran reading in English every Thursday 5.30 pm.

These are the larger mosques in Jakarta. To our knowledge, they don't have any English services:

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Pusat
Masjid Sunda Kelapa, Menteng
Masjid Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah
Masjid AT Taqwa, Jl. Sriwijaya, Kebayoran Baru
Masjid Al Azhar, Jl. Singamangaraja, Kebayoran Baru

Hindu Services in Jakarta

Pura Adhitya Jaya
Jln Daksinapati Raya No. 10
Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur
Tel. (62-21) 470-5758
Facebook page

Lord Balaji / Srinivasa Perumal
Jl. Pluit Barat Raya No . 46
Tel. (62-021) 661-6617

Sikh Services in Jakarta

Gurudwara Guru Nanak
Jl Merpati Raya RT 002/RW 03
Kampung Sawah, Ciputat
Tel. (62-21) 7463-4688
Contact: B. Rahal at (62-21) 739-6561, 0816-953416, 7463-4688

Gurdwara Sikh Temple
Jl. Pasar Baru Timur No 10
(opposite Golden Truly)
Jakarta Pusat
Tel. (62-21) 384-3338, 345-3734
Facebook page

Grudwara Tanjung Prior
Jl. Melur IV No. 8
Jakarta Utara
Tel. (62-21) 430-4045
Facebook page

Buddhist Services in Jakarta

Tergar Meditation Center
Green Mansion Daan Mogot Km. 10
Jl. Boulevard Raya Row 47 No 35
Jakarta Barat
Tel. (62-21) 2902 5314, 0838-06922450

Confucian (Konghucu) Services in Jakarta

Konghucu Temple - Bahtera Bakti Vihara
(dedicated to Da Bo Gong)
Jl. Pantai Sanur 5 No. 38
Ancol, Jakarta Utara


Majelis Rohani Nasional Bahá’í Indonesia
Kantor Koordinasi Hubungan Luar
Email info@bahaiindonesia.org
Website www.bahaiindonesia.org
Tel. (021) 3451 509
Mobile 0813 1844 8889

Last updated June 17, 2021.