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Democrats Abroad

Contact Persons:

Chair: Dave Van Rooy chair-id@democratsabroad.org

Secretary: Sue Winski secretary-id@democratsabroad.org

Website: www.democratsabroad.org, www.americansinindonesia.org

Membership in Democrats Abroad

Membership is open to American men and women who are of voting age (18 years old before November 4, 2008). Current number of members: 487. Join if you wish to be a part of Democrats Abroad's global effort to elect Democrats to public office in the USA and work toward the goals and principles of the USA Democratic Party. Activities are held in English.

About Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad is the official overseas committee of the US Democratic Party. Democrats Abroad Indonesia is one of 36 officially recognized country committees around the world. It provides a forum Democrats living overseas and a way for them to stay involved in the democratic process while living abroad.

Activities are primarily related to enabling people to vote in the primary and national elections, providing a forum for communication among democrats and as a voice for issues that impact Americans living overseas. These issues include voting rights, citizenship issues, taxation, representation and participation in the US electoral system.

Voter registration is perhaps the most important activity of Democrats Abroad and the easiest and most efficient way to do so is by registering online at www.votefromabroad.org.

If you are US citizen with an interest in the Democratic Party this gives you an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who want to stay involved in US politics.