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To succeed in business, to penetrate the Indonesian market, to make the sale, to meet the right people, to position yourself so that your business will survive and thrive - these and many other key elements of your business strategy are dependent on accurate information and sound advice.

Consultants abound in Jakarta. Be sure that the ones you depend on have well-established networks and significant depth of knowledge of the Indonesian business community.

CDa As a leading Design Firm in Indonesia, Citra Duta Artistry (CDA) has been servicing multinational clients in Indonesia since 1993. CDA specializes in corporate office Interior Design, with a staff of over 20 trained professionals in our Jakarta office, we combine overseas experience and a local staff to deliver an international level of service at locally competitive prices. Our many clients will attest to our professionalism, creativity and the attention we give each project. Some recently completed projects, include: DBS Bank, FedEx, British American Tobacco among many others including more than a few global Tech Companies. These projects prove that a professional design service is an essential component of a successful business. CDA can save you both time and money in your next fit-out, move or reorganization through our proven design and project management record. Moving Your Office , Activity Based Working in Office Design, and Building Evaluation Service.

PT Widya Presisi Solusi PT Widya Presisi Solusi is one of the best payroll outsourcing providers in Indonesia (Internal Survey, 2014). AT WPS, we mainly focus on processing of payroll for local companies, multinational companies, and NGOs. By hiring a payroll specialist, your HR and management can focus on achieving more strategic issues in your organization's objectives. Our clients trust us to be responsible for calculating and assisting in transferring their employees’ monthly salaries, reporting income taxes to the Tax Office, and social security benefits to BPJS Tenaga Kerja accurately, confidentially and in a timely manner. By using the services of a professional firm, you can be confident that your organization will comply with Indonesian tax and labor regulations. Our services may also reduce your in-house HR function expenses up to 25% (Internal Survey 2014). For further information, please contact us. See also this related article - Employee Compensation Benefits: Indonesian Regulations.

ALP ConsultingALP Consulting is a registered consultant company with a permit from the government, and has been in operation since 1996. ALP has special expertise in handling visa and immigration issues in Indonesia. The expertise and capability of ALP in this field are without doubt and can be proved by the many tough cases of immigration confronted by our clients already able which were settled well by ALP. Since opening in 1996, ALP Consulting has successfully provided comprehensive immigration service and visa assistance for foreigners to visit Indonesia in the framework of tourism, retirement, business or working. We can help foreigners to obtain a multiple entry business visa, retirement visa, family reunion visa, work permit, permanent stay visa, or citizenship. We also provide assistance with all types of licenses, business Licenses, company registration and PMA Company establishment.

Jez O'Hare-professional photographerJez O'Hare is a freelance photographer (and micro-light pilot), with a photo library of Indonesia. Based in Bandung. Jez has 20 years experience in aerial and location photography for industry, government, and advertising. His work has been published in various books and magazines. Our website features photos, movies, maps, and info.

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Last updated July 26, 2019