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CDA has been providing interior and architectural services primarily for the commercial sector in Jakarta since 1993. Having survived both the Asian and the global financial of 2008, CDA has emerged as a small but focused group of designers dedicated to doing quality projects. As the first qualified Accredited Professional of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) practicing in Indonesia, CDA believes in the economic benefit of responsible, sustainable “GREEN” design.

Architectural and Interior Design Services in JakartaThirty years ago, most interiors were planned by their occupants. But once technology began its rapid evolution, designing an interior has become increasingly complex. Automation, new construction technologies, environmental consciousness and ergonomic progress have conspired to make good design more elusive. With new understanding of what a workplace can be, concepts of hoteling, hot desks, co-working and activity based work have greatly altered the office landscape.

Our design team prides itself in listening to you and your aims and providing cost-effective and innovative solutions tailored to your needs. CDA is attuned to your visions and interested in hearing what your building program may be and helping you realize your goals.

Jakarta Architectural and Interior Design Services“Interior design is a discipline that demands research, development and analytical skills, a command of technology, and a knowledge of codes. But a beautiful interior is without value unless it is a functional environment. The relationship between space planning and productivity has been proven. Good design means good business, as well as personal comfort and well being. If you are renovating, relocating, or expanding, costly mistakes or downtime negatively affects profitability. Seeking professional counsel early is most cost-efficient and is among the best investments an individual or a business can make.”

- International Interior Design Association, Good Design Makes The Difference.

In Indonesia, foreign businesses opening an office must face the additional challenges of communicating goals in a different language, to unskilled workmen, with different concepts of quality, difficulties in obtaining certain building materials and meeting schedules all with designers whose skills may not at the level they have been used to dealing with.

Architectural and Interior Design Services in JakartaRead more in Moving Your Office, Activity Based Working in Office Design, and Building Evaluation Service.

As a leading interior design firm in Indonesia, we specialize in corporate workplace design, fit-out and project management. With a staff of 20 trained professionals. Our many clients will attest to our professionalism, creativity and the attention we give each project. Some recently completed offices include Microsoft, DBS Bank, Accenture, and Alibaba, to name but a few.

Jakarta Architectural and Interior Design ServicesCDA's designers are trained to budget accurately and efficiently for materials and services. This ensures that informed decisions will be made throughout the planning process. Our experienced designers will help you explore the scope of a project and its associated costs before any decisions are made or money spent. The bottom line is that professional design is an essential component of a successful project. From space planning, to lighting, to construction documents, CDA's professionals will help determine which design services are right for your project. Also, as project managers we will assemble the necessary team of professionals from a variety of disciplines to take the project to completion.

We would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to explain exactly how CDA can assist you in saving both your time and money in your next office fit-out through our proven design and project management record. So, if you are considering an office move or reorganization, please contact us through the contact information below and let us show you how we can help in the planning, design and execution of your office needs.

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