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Registration in the National Health System

The Indonesian National Social Health Insurance (JKN: Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional) is a government-operated paid health system implemented by the BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial). The JKN benefits are based on managed care and provide unlimited benefits for those who follow the required procedure using primary health facility, mostly at primary public health centers.

Expat Coverage

The health insurance program is nationwide and also applies to all foreigners residing in Indonesia for more than 6 months on a working visa. Those who can benefit from this program include domestic staff employed by expatriates in Indonesia, as well as the employees at the companies where they work.

The Manpower Minister stated that, "All foreigners working in Indonesia for more than six months must become a member of the social security programs run by the BPJS".

Expats follow the same procedure as Indonesians to apply for the government health insurance. Check with your employer about enrollment. There is a fine to companies with 10 or more employees for not registering their employees, including foreigners.

BPJS Ketenagakerjaan is the insurance that covers employees' hospital costs for accidents which occur during working hours. it also includes a pension/saving scheme. Expats are required to enroll in this program.

BPJS Kesehatan covers healthcare for residents, but will not cover the costs work-related accidents. Expats are required to enroll in this program.

We've heard stories that some BPJS officers won't accept applications from expats, even if you have a KITAP sponsored by an Indonesian spouse, if you haven't been working six months. Some community members, however, have been successful. There is a particular code that must be added to the application for foreign spouses of WNI.

Regulations governing the BPJS include:

  • Manpower Law No. 40/2004 Article 1 Item 8 
  • Law No. 24/2011
  • Regulation - PP no. 84 year 2013

Registration/Enrollment procedure

NOTE: Foreign retirees are NOT eligible to enroll in BPJS Kesehatan - the National Health Insurance in Indonesia. This program is limited to expats with a working visa (index 312).

Indonesian Workers in Informal Sectors

While formal workers will be enrolled in the JKN by their employers, people working in the informal sector should register themselves. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your domestic staff (drivers, maid, etc.), who are considered as working in the informal sector, enroll themselves with the JKN to ensure that they will benefit from the basic health coverage for outpatients and hospitalization for themselves and their family members.

Registration/Enrollment procedure is as follows:

  1. 1. Your staff should first open a bank account in one of the banks designated by the Indonesian government:  
  2. Auto Debit
  3. A difficulty may arise for your staff if the address mentioned in their KTP (Indonesian national identity card) is in their village of origin, because they should open their bank account at the closest branch to that address. In that case, your staff should wait her/his next holiday when they are going back home to process the opening of the bank account in their village. Or if the KTP is their home village, rather than Jakarta, a letter of domicile signed by the RT in Jakarta is sufficient. Then, they will not have to go back to their village.
  4. 2. Once the bank account is opened, your Indonesian staff members should register at the closest BPJS Office (Just Google "kantor BPJS" and the name of your city to find your local office) and should prepare the following documents:

a. Completed registration form
b. Copy of KTP (Indonesian National ID card)
c. Copy of Kartu Keluarga (KK- family card)
d. 2 Photos: 3 x 4 cm for each member of the family
e. May also be asked for your NPWP.

In the early months of implementation of the new regulations, we received reports that people were told that everyone on the Kartu Keluarga must sign up for the health insurance at the same time. So, it will help considerably if the Kartu Keluarga is up to date, with deceased family members removed, and married children possessing their own individual cards, before you take the step of registering the remaining family members.

Alternately, you can register online at www.bpjs-kesehatan.go.id, avoiding the long wait at the BPJS office. Some people advise doing this late at night, when the servers aren't overloaded.

3. The BPJS member can register him/herself and the members of his/her family: spouse and up to 3 children. On the day of the registration they should pay their first monthly contribution by choosing the level of contribution corresponding to the class they will get in case of hospitalization:

Class One: Rp 150,000 / member
Class Two: Rp 100,000 / member
Class Three: Rp 42,000 / member (a portion is paid by the government)

Once you choose a category, it is not possible to change it easily. Once you are registered, you will have to pay the contribution each month through the bank.

Please note that the registration procedure will require the whole day if you do it in person, however it is also possible to register online rather than queuing to get a ticket number at the BPJS office. BPJS Hotline - 0812-8415124 - call to find out where to register in person.

Note: BPJS insurance can be issued for all members of the family that are on the Karta Keluarga. Other (expat) members will be able to register with their ITAS/ITAP.

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Last updated August 1, 2023.