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Physiotherapy Services & Physiotherapists in Indonesia

What is Physiotherapy?

Physical Therapy in JakartaPhysiotherapy in JakartaPhysiotherapy is an evidence-based health profession that uses non-invasive techniques to assess, diagnose and treat injuries and movement disorders of the whole body. Physiotherapy can be categorised into speciality areas such as musculo-skeletal, neurological, pediatric, sports, women’s health, rehabilitation, and cardio-thoracic.

Physiotherapy is recognised by doctors globally, and is therefore covered by most insurance companies. A doctor’s referral letter may be needed for claims under some insurance providers.

After an assessment and diagnosis is made by a physiotherapist, treatment consisting of manual therapy, exercises, massage, education or electrotherapy techniques may be applied. Physiotherapy always uses a combination of passive and active treatment techniques to improve the client's wellbeing.

What Conditions can Physiotherapy help?

Jakarta PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapy can help with pain, stiffness, weakness and dysfunction of the spine and all joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments within the body. This can be caused by a specific injury, poor posture or other work-related illness, sports injury, arthritis, scoliosis or tendonitis.

A physiotherapist can provide important rehabilitation after surgery to regain mobility, strength and function

People who have suffered from strokes and other neurological conditions may also benefit from physiotherapy rehabilitation to restore movement. Physiotherapy can also assist with the discomforts of pregnancy, recovering from childbirth and other issues related to women’s health. Sporting injuries are another reason why people consult a physiotherapist.

Patients do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist. Sometimes consulting a doctor is important to rule out broken bones or pain originating from a non musculo-skeletal source. If in any doubt, consult a reputable doctor.

Physiotherapy in IndonesiaPhysiotherapy in Indonesia

Physiotherapy as a profession has been practiced for many years in Indonesia and there are many well established physiotherapy universities around Indonesia. Physiotherapy in Indonesia is very similar to physiotherapy styles practiced in countries such as Australia, America, England and South Africa.

Physiotherapy clinics in Jakarta Physiotherapy clinics in Jakarta have a wide range of therapists with varying levels of qualifications and experience. Some clinics have therapists who have trained in Australia and Europe and others who have completed their undergraduate degree in Indonesia.

Therapists with training from Western countries tend to provide treatment with more focus on exercise which creates empowerment, longer lasting results, and prevention of injury reoccurrence. This strongly contrasts with passive therapy that relies on machines. Physiotherapy and pilates, a core strengthening exercise program that is very useful for rehabilitation especially of the lower back and neck, is becoming more widely available in Jakarta.

PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapists in JakartaPhysiotherapists work closely with other medical professionals such as podiatrists, occupational therapists, and surgeons to provide a full service of health care to clients.

We trust this information will assist you in making correct choices regarding your health and welfare. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for personalized advice from your medical adviser.


Last updated December 4, 2020