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Soccer Schools for Children in Jakarta, Indonesia

Soccer is perhaps one of the most popular spectator sports in the world. Thousands of people come to games where they can view the action firsthand and millions more watch the action from home. Indonesia is no exception! Not only are the Indonesian fans fanatical about their local teams but the domination of international soccer matches on multiple TV channels on any given weekend is testimony to how popular the game is in Indonesia.

In Jakarta, and other major metropolitan cities in Indonesia, and rural town alike you can often see children and adults playing the game in vacant lots, parks, and formal sports fields. The condition of the playing field can vary from a well kept pitch to a dirt clearing in a rural area or urban slum that turns into a mud puddle when it rains. Uniforms of the players range from a formal sponsored team uniforms to bare feet and shirtless; but the common denominator is the love of the sport.

Recently the Indonesian government has made a concentrated effort to promote the sport throughout Indonesia and major funding has been provided to improve Indonesian soccer. Foreign coaches and players have been hired to teach and improve the skills and athletic abilities of Indonesian soccer players. This has resulted in a much improved level of play and eagerly displayed pride for the national team.

With the heightened level of interest in the sport, as well as the ongoing love of the game, it is no wonder that foreign soccer schools are capitalizing on this opportunity. Soccer schools in Jakarta and Indonesia are getting children off the couch and out onto the soccer pitch. The need for increasing sporting activities is apparent as statistics show that more and more Indonesian children are becoming overweight. Experts feel this is due to a diet that contains a high percentage of carbohydrates and fats as well as the younger generation’s fascination with gadgets, as opposed to activity. So, it is not surprising that many Indonesian children of middle and upper class families are classified as obese and could potentially develop serious health risks.

Benefits of soccer for children

Soccer does not require a specific body type as with other sports such as basketball. Children of all sizes and shapes can participate.  Soccer offers one of the best ways to get into top physical shape. In the course of a game a player could run as far as seven miles. This is a combination of sprinting and jogging, so it is a wonderful way to develop a youth’s cardio endurance.

When kids play soccer, they learn discipline and how to get along with others through teamwork and the benefits of working together as a team. The teamwork focus helps children to work together in ways that they are not necessarily taught in school. They are required to communicate to other team members outside traditional methods, as a high level of understanding between players is a must. The success of the team is a shared success and a defeat is an equally valuable lesson. However, it too is shared and not an embarrassment for just one individual.

Although some parents worry about the time commitment required to be on a team, parents soon find out that children who play on a competitive team also score above average in their academic studies. It is not clear whether it is due more to an increase in physical stamina which helps mental energy or an improvement in self-confidence. But, either way, soccer can help to bring balance and good health into a child’s life.

What a good soccer school should offer

Natural agility and quickness of course will be an asset to any young soccer player. However, many techniques that can make a “good” player “great “are learned. A focus on skills such as building coordination, dribbling, passing, and ball control are things to look for in a good program. A good program should also work on developing a good football structure and strategy building while at the same time being aware of the development of the individual player. By enrolling a child into a program that has a good structure, purposeful practice, and clear goals a child can develop their full potential on the soccer field.

Many of the best players in the world attended these formal soccer schools, which attests to the success of these programs. Soccer schools in Jakarta offer all these benefits for your children to enjoy. You'll also see a continual improvement in their soccer skills during your stay in Indonesia.

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