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Here I sit within the macet.
Pelan-pelan no use to fret.
Cannot read, sakit perut,
Cannot watch, pusing kepala.

Kanan, kiri, terus, putar,
I steal a peek, haven't gone far.
Bajaj, sepeda, kaki, mobil,
Beam me up Scotty, this can't be real.

I try to relax and close my eyes,
I dream of places far and away,
And remember faces that brightened my way.
I think, life is good, yes very good.

Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep!
The moment rusak
Lest I forget to curse this macet.


bajaj three-wheeled motor vehicle
kaki feet (here meaning pedestrian)
kanan right
kiri left
macet traffic jam, lots of traffic
mobil car
pelan-pelan go slowly
pusing kepala headache
putar turn around
rusak ruined, broken
sakit perut upset stomach
sepeda bicycle
terus keep going straight


Jakarta has 7,650 metres of road with a growth rate of 0.01% compared to the motor vehicle growth rate of 0.26% (October 2010).  Jakarta Police have predicted that the number of motor vehicles operating in Jakarta will reach a new record of 12 million by 2011. Currently Jakarta has 11.3 million vehicles, 8.2 million of which are motorcycles.

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