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"I Spy" in East Java

Decided to drive to Bali? See some of the Indonesian countryside? Twenty minutes out of Surabaya the kids will be bored senseless and start the usual wailing, “Are we there yet” “HOW much longer?” “WHEN will we be there?”

So! Let's play “I SPY” on the way. No cheating, add up the points truthfully kids! The points are shown in brackets for each item you “spy” on your trip.

  • A male without a cigarette (100 pts)
  • An adolescent male looking for a job (200 pts)
  • An adolescent male doing anything constructive (30 pts)
  • An adolescent male doing ANYTHING (500 pts)
  • An adolescent male with any sense (1,000,000 pts)
  • A fourteen year old girl without a baby (10 pts)
  • A fifteen year old girl without two babies (20 pts)
  • An eighteen year old girl without two babies and a toddler and a husband working in Jakarta (i.e., selling watches in Kuta) (30 pts)
  • A teenage girl being encouraged to pursue her education and improve her life (100 pts)
  • A motorcycle with less than five people on it (5 pts)
  • A vehicle with a full complement of lights (30 pts)
  • A vehicle with a full complement of wheels (10 pts) with tyres (100 pts)
  • ANY vehicle obeying traffic regulations (5,000 pts)
  • A three-ton truck with less lights at the front than Pink Floyd takes on tour (50 pts)
  • The local law enforcement attachment controlling traffic (100 pts)
  • Any law enforcement officer out after dark (1000 pts)
  • A Javanese Tiger - because let's face it, you'll see one of THOSE before ANY of the above!

The safest way to drive to Bali is - to fly!