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Serviced Offices

Are you planning to come to Indonesia to explore investment opportunities or to open a representative office? Does your business travel bring you to Indonesia regularly for extended business meetings?

Are you tired of the limitations of doing business through a hotel business center? Wouldn't you prefer to meet your clients and customers in a more traditional office setting? Wouldn't it be beneficial to have professional assistance as you begin to explore the intricate mazes of doing business in Indonesia.

Serviced offices offer a total service and facility package to visiting or residing business people. Whether you plan to spend one week, one month or one year in Jakarta ... conducting business from a serviced office offers many advantages.

Temporary Facilities

If you are planning to open a new office in Jakarta, the actual set-up of the office is a big task. Consider working initially from a serviced office, then you have time to hire staff who can then assist you in setting up your permanent offices.

Relax assured that you can begin working immediately and take the necessary time to find the most ideal location for your company as you become more familiar with Jakarta.

Permanently Housed in Serviced Offices

Traditional business facilities imply the commitment to a long-term office lease, buying of furniture, hiring of staff and setting up of office systems. This implies the availability of time, money and a commitment to a permanent structure. A more viable option for some firms may be the utilization of serviced offices.

Many representative offices prefer to stay long term in serviced office facilities. Their needs are not temporary, yet they find the excellent support and low overhead more suited to their needs that the establishment of an independent office.

Another advantage is the ability to expand and down size your office easily. If you need to bring in 3 extra expats to work in your office for 4 months, you can easily take on additional space with no hassle. If, on the other hand, your company decides to down size for a few months, you can let space go because in a serviced office you do not have to commit to a long term lease up front. They can provide exactly what space you need, when you need it.


An office is more than a desk, chair and telephone. Yet someone has to go out and buy those basic furnishings before you can begin working. In serviced offices the space is already tastefully designed and fully furnished with furniture, computers, telecommunications equipment and whatever you require to fulfill your specific needs.

Layout options in serviced offices are flexible in order to fulfill the specific needs of your staff. Access to fully appointed board rooms and meeting rooms make it easy to meet clients and customers in an atmosphere of confidentiality.


As those who have lived in Indonesia for some time know, it is difficult to find qualified bilingual secretarial staff. A search for an executive secretary and other assistants can be time consuming and distracts from the urgent need to begin working quickly. The newly arrived executive has a lot to accomplish on his agenda and it's so much easier to begin tackling the tasks with qualified people to help you from day one.

The support staff at serviced offices receive advanced training in the skills required to complete a wide range of office tasks. They are accustomed to meeting the needs of many different clients.

If you are in a meeting or away from your desk, the trained receptionist will accept your calls, answering the phone in the name of your company. If you travel a lot, you can ask the staff to hold mail and messages for you until your next arrival or they can also forward mail and messages to you as per your request.


Today's modern office also requires facsimile, Email and teleconferencing in order to communicate on a regular basis with offices around the world. The basic typewriter has long since been replaced with computers, color printers and scanners. When setting up an office, it takes a sizable investment to purchase all the necessary equipment. In a serviced office, these productivity tools, and many more are already available for your use.

Some serviced offices also offer ISDN connections for their tenants. Instead of having to incur the high cost of this connection on your own, the line is shared with other tenants.


Serviced offices are found in strategically located office buildings throughout the Central Business District and Golden Triangle. These facilities are in close proximity to the many clients and customers that you need to meet regularly.

The image your company portrays to clients and customers begins the minute they walk in the door of your office. By housing your business efforts in a serviced office ... your company shows permanence. You won't look like someone just flying in and out of Jakarta for a week each month to conduct business from a hotel, though in fact that may be exactly the case. Housed in a serviced office, you can proudly put a readily recognized prime business address on your business card, with the resultant impression of continuity.


One of the biggest advantages to working from a serviced office is that the professionals who run the office can refer you to other professionals who can provide the services your business needs.

From taxation, legal, management consulting, corporate advisory services, recruitment, insurance, market research, advertising, telecommunications, even commercial leasing and office design and fit out ... these referrals can help you find the assistance you need to establish your business in Jakarta with the minimum possible hassle.

You may be new to Jakarta, but the professionals who run serviced offices are well-established members of the business community who have made it their goal to provide you with the best possible services.


Reduce the costs of a large office and overhead by utilizing the shared resources of a serviced office. Flexible leasing plans in which you can use the facilities on a yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis can be negotiated. Discuss the available leasing options to determine what package best fits your needs.

Selecting a serviced office

Not all serviced offices in fact provide the same level of service. As you view potential sites, ask questions about cost, flexibility of terms, review the prestige attached to the location and query the condition of the equipment and facilities they are offering to be sure you are getting the best.

Talk with the secretarial staff and have them show you samples of their work so that you will have a good idea of their capabilities. Assess the receptionist and other staff you see as to their language capabilities, appearance and professionalism. Ask the Director about their network within the business community and what referral services they may be able to offer.

Comparing notes from the facilities you survey ... you will be able to decide which facility best fits your company's requirements. Won't it be great to walk into your fully equipped office on the first day of work with your support staff standing by -- so you can get to work!