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Jakarta Headhunters - Choosing a Recruitment Company

It is important that when you are looking for staff or seeking employment that you spend some time researching the options available to you. It is vital that you select the recruitment company that best matches your needs. Below are some general guidelines that will help you to reach the right decision.

Ask a Friend

Consult your friends or colleagues in similar fields. Ask whom they’ve used in the past, and who they’d recommend. A good recruitment firm will generally source at least a third of its new clients / candidates via word of mouth from satisfied customers, so this is one of the quickest and most effective ways of finding a great agency.

Do Your Own Research

If you can’t ask anyone else for his or her opinion, or if you’re worried your friend’s head has been turned by the promise of a golf shop gift certificate, you will need to do your own research.

To start, look for a recruitment company that specializes in the area you work in. This might sound obvious, but many agencies do a little bit of everything, and you need to find a recruitment firm that's an expert in your field. Take a look in the trade press for firms advertising or commenting on industry issues, or look online for the areas you wish to work in. It’s generally best to use an agency that has the capability to find both temporary and permanent jobs, as it gives you greater flexibility in your job search. Some agencies still only do one or the other.

Check the Websites

Next, visit the websites of the recruitment firms you've short-listed. This will give you an idea of their pedigree (When were they established? Have they won any awards for service?), the clients they recruit for (Does their client list look impressive? Are clients happy to have their logos displayed?), and their current vacancies. Look at the size of the company and find out if they have an international presence.

Talk to the Recruitment Consultant

Once you have a short list of possible recruitment companies’ start calling them to ensure you are not wasting your time sending them your CV. Recruitment is sometimes like any relationship and will no doubt have its highs and lows. It is important you can relate to your recruiter and trust in their ability to do the Job. Don’t be afraid to ask industry related questions or to ask them to give you an overview of the types of companies they work with. A good recruitment company will encourage an open exchange of information to ensure they are placing the right people with the right companies.

Be Selective

Remember, there’s very little point in blasting out your CV to everyone or giving a recruitment assignment to many different companies. If you’ve done your research, the agency you choose will invariably be the one that is right for you.

Different Types of Recruitment Companies in Jakarta

Executive Search

Executive Search companies specialize in recruiting Board Level requirements. The executive search receives a fee for conducting a thorough search based on investigative market research and networking. No advertisements are placed nor is there a reliance on a database as due diligence is stressed in finding a candidate. The typical fee structure for this type of recruitment is a fixed fee with payments of 33% on position being issued, 33% on delivery of a shortlist of candidates and 33%.

Boyden International Tel. (62-21) 5140-1519
Egon Zehnder International Tel. (62-21) 2935-5637
Emerhub Talent Solutions

Tel. (62-21) 2205-7930

Korn Ferry Tel. (62-21) 8086-1800

Contingency Search / Executive Selection

Typically these agencies concentrate on Senior Management positions (say Assistant Vice President and above) and specialist recruitment. Contingency Search companies in Indonesia rely on advertising, research, professional networks and databases to locate candidates. These companies match candidates to the clients need and supply them on a success based fee structure. Some companies may charge administration charges or deposits but more often than not you will only pay a fee if you hire somebody. The typical fee structure is to charge 20% of the first years total annual gross income.

Emerhub Talent Solutions Tel. (62-21) 2205-7930
Forte Executive Consulting Tel. (62-21) 2927-7999 www.forteexecutive.com
JAC Recruitment Tel. (62-21) 315-9504
Jakarta Consulting Group Tel. (62-21) 2988-8168
*Monroe Consulting Group Tel. (62-21) 2940-0040
*Potentia HR Tel. (62-21) 5790-3976
Rimbun Job Agency Tel. (62-21) 5049-4888
Viventis Search Asia Tel. (62-21) 522-8776, 522-8176

* Managed by an expatriate

Commercial Recruitment

Commercial agencies work assignments that range from entry level through to Junior Management (Typically under Rp. 10.000.000/month jobs). They rely heavily on advertising and internal databases and work on a contingency basis. The typical fee structure is to charge 15-20% of the first years annual gross income.

Auditsi Tel. (62-21)  5366-0111
HITSS Tel. (62-21) 2912-4817
FirstAsia Consultants Tel. (62-21) 5366-6618
JAC Recruitment Tel. (62-21) 315-9504

Outsourcing Recruitment

Outsourcing companies specialize in supplying large volumes of contract staff (white or blue collar). Typically outsourcing agencies will gather applicants from advertising, job fairs and walk in interviews. The salaries in this area will range from Rp 1.000.000 through to Rp 5.000.000 per month for supervisor level. Fee structures vary greatly (between 8% and 15%) depending on staffing numbers and level of service required.


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Last updated March 19, 2024