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Aceh Restructuring and Support Initiatives

Following the tragic events of 26 December 2004, when a massive tsunami swept the region, world attention has become focused on Aceh province in Indonesia, where an estimated 200,000 plus people were reported killed or missing. With ongoing seismic activity occurring on the Sumatra coastline, Indonesia and Aceh now face the huge task of recovery and restructuring in a province that has also been impacted by a separatist struggle for almost 30 years.

As a result of the tsunami and earthquakes, unprecedented damage has occurred to all aspects of Aceh society, including the:

  • Social Sector (housing; education; health; religion)
  • Infrastructure (transportation; communications; energy; water and sanitation)
  • Production Sector (agribusiness; fisheries; industry and trade)
  • Cross Sectors (environment; local government and administration; banking and finance)

Hill & Associates has extensive experience in responding in support of clients in a variety of crisis and disaster situations, including:

  • The 1998 Jakarta riots
  • The 2002 Jakarta floods
  • The 2002, 2003, and 2004 terrorist bombings in Indonesia
  • The 2003 SARS outbreak
  • The 2004 Asian tsunami in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia
  • Full security support to clients involved in the rebuilding of Iraq

With nine years in-country experience, Hill & Associates specialist personnel are able to deploy to provide on the ground assistance including in the potentially high-risk environment of Aceh province. Our clients include local and multi-national companies from all business sectors, including oil & gas, banking, manufacturing, service companies and non-government organizations.

Our Aceh-specific capabilities in support of companies and organizations involved in Recovery and Restructuring operations in Aceh include but are not limited to:

  • Liaison with local authorities and relevant relief agencies
  • Advice on the internal emergency mechanism
  • Pre-deployment security awareness briefings/trainings for personnel travelling to Aceh (including hostile environment and hostage survival techniques)
  • Threat assessments for areas of operation
  • Protective services/facilitation, including provision of accommodation and transportation
  • Security audits and vulnerability assessments
  • Contingency planning
  • K&R – Kidnap & Ransom Services
  • Assistance with emergency evacuation from the disaster zone

Should anyone wishing to obtain further details on any of the above services or any other security-related matter may contact our Jakarta office below:

PT Hill Konsultan Indonesia
Website www.hill-assoc.com