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View from MesaStila in Central Java

MesaStila Resort and Spa

Arum VillaMesaStila (formerly known as Losari Coffee Plantation Resort & Spa) is a luxury 5 star resort & spa that incorporates an unparalleled collection of remarkable antiques and enchanting buildings; including Central Java icons such as Colonial railway station and historic Joglo- villas.

The property has twenty-three unique villas set within an area of twenty-two hectares of outstanding natural beauty; surrounded by cooling highland-air, eight mountains, tropical garden and lush vegetation.

Built within a charming coffee plantation, MesaStila offers distinctly Javanese experiences both cultural and fitness activities. The true of magnificence of MesaStila is in its spectacular setting and its Hammam Turkish Spa.

At MesaStila, the focus is on luxury yet keeping the traditional, local and wholesome experiences intact, which accentuate the magnificence the environment, the people, the culture and facilitate a healthy lifestyle – full of wonderful experience.

Complimentary In-House Activities

Hammam Spa

Spa treatments at Hammam Spa… a tranquil place where senses are awaken, exploring new ways to regenerate …

Far from the city and stress-full situations, immerse in a timeless place, the tension are released, the body becomes lighter and the spirit can be free. With the perfect balance of ancient & contemporary healing tradition, MesaStila brings you the finest therapies from Asia and the Near East.

Occupying 800 sqm, the unique Hammam Spa vicinity is facilitated with an authentic Turkish steam bath, five self-contained treatment rooms, beauty salon and spa gallery.

Experience the mysteries behind the exotic Turkish bath and Javanese traditional therapeutic treatment to promote inner-energy balance for mental, physical and emotional healthiness.

Yoga on site in natureEscapism

A short recovery retreat that allows quality time for pampering yourself in a supportive, caring environment; from where you will emerge revived and radiant. A spa lover’s haven!

Taste of MesaStila

An invitation to first time visitors who want to try the MesaStila Wellness experience a day at a time. Offering an all-inclusive escape with minimum fuss…

Fitness & Weight Management

Exercise and movement are vital for a balanced healthy life; this retreat is designed to help guests achieve their fitness goals. Made up of a variety of core wellness programs, including nutritional guidance and physical activity - the essentials of the retreat are adaptable, making it suitable for fitness beginners or more dedicated exercise enthusiasts.

Improve body shape and muscle tone, build strength, develop cardiovascular fitness, lose fat, enhance balance and coordination with traditional martial arts, practice Yoga to reduce stress, or hike and bike in the jungle to get out to nature. Personal guidance and one-to-one instruction allows the program to be personalized for the best possible results. This retreat encourages a lifestyle approach to fitness, long-term weight management and improved wellbeing – it is not a rapid weight loss program.

Arum Villa VerandahDe stress & Indulgence

Treat yourself to an array of pampering spa services that will relax your body, calm your mind and rescue your spirit; allowing you time to recover and create the space for nurturing and personal growth. Enjoy the cleansing of our signature Truly Turkish Hammam treatment, let go of stress with a rose-infused oil massage and deeply calming scalp therapy, or indulge in a soothing and cooling Jade facial enhanced by fragrant herbs and calming oils.

On offer are a variety of excellent spa services - from deep-tissue muscle therapy to body scrubs, Hammam rituals, pedicures and cleansing facials. Inspired by traditional Javanese and modern therapies from around the globe, we incorporate the best and most indulgent in spa. Emerge from your stay revitalized and reconnected with yourself, your ambitions and your life’s purpose.


Detach, de-stress and recharge with a blissful escape in the cool highlands of MesaStila … A chance to stimulate the body’s natural healing pathways and re-create a healthy equilibrium through a structured cleansing and rejuvenation program, bringing together the human-sciences of the West with alternative therapies from Java.

Spa wraps, scrubs, facials and heat treatments help to cleanse the skin and lymphatic system; healthy eating and nutritional guidance support the digestive system; while physical activity and natural Javanese herbal-remedies assist in creating metabolic changes. Surrounded by the power of nature these programs all support an optimal cleansing process and an essential escape from the rigors and toxicity of the modern world.

MesaStila PoolSpaNatural setting - Central JavaMeaStila Arum Family Villa Intimate Wedding DinnerWedding Dinner for Guests

MesaStila Resort and Spa
Desa Losari, Grabag
PO Box 108
Magelang, Central Java 56100
Tel. +62 (298) 596-333
Fax 62 (298) 592-696
Email dosm@mesastilaresortandspa.com
Website www.mesastilaresortandspa.com
Facebook Twitter Instagram You Tube channel

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Last updated June 21, 2023