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Solo Expats Association

Solo Expats Association
Tel. 0815-48418500
Email contact@soloexpats.com
Website www.soloexpats.com

Membership in the Solo Expat Association

Membership is open to people of all nations and we have no restrictions on religion, politics or other grounds. Current number of members - 21 families, 11 singles and 7 overseas. Cost of membership: Annual fees (due every February) single 200 000 IDR, family 300 000 IDR and oversea members 100 000 IDR. Most activities are held in English. Membership entitles a person to:

  • attend social activities
  • receive discounts

About the Solo Expat Association

The organization was formed so that expats living in the Solo area could:

  • Improve contacts and relationships with each others
  • Exchange information on all aspects of life in Solo
  • Develop relationships with government institutions
  • Develop relationships with the local community

Activities include:

  • Organize social activities
  • Provide information to improve and support for newcomers and long time residents regarding day-to-day life in Solo
  • Networking
  • Participate in community activities

Our regular monthly board meeting is held every first Wednesday of the month at Restaurant & Lounge 1863.

Please see also "Expat Living in Solo", and subscribe to the W&M's Solo Newsletter by writing a short note to Michael at michael@armadaorient.com.

Last updated July 9, 2016