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Indonesian American Friendship
Association (PPIA)

PPIA - Indonesian American Friendship Association
MLI II Building, 2nd Floor
Jalan MT. Haryono Kav. 49
Jakarta Selatan
Tel. (62-21) 7918-1149, 790-1460
Fax (62-21) 7918-1148

Office hours: Monday thru Friday - 08.00 - 16.00

Contact Person

Budi Susanto

Membership in PPIA

Membership is open to Indonesian and American women and men, 17 years and older. Current number of members is 150. Membership fee: Rp. 300,000 / yearly; membership fee for students Rp. 150,000 / yearly.

What is PPIA?

PPIA is a non-political, non-religious, not-for-profit organization. We aim at promoting and fostering friendship through the language of culture, science, sports and humanity in order to create a world of friendship, a world of peace.

PPIA is governed by 9 Board of Directors that is made up of 5 Indonesians and 4 Americans elected every 2 years around the month of May or June at the Members General Assembly by and from the association members.

What are some PPIA Programs?

Our programs cater to the interest and needs of our members as well as fulfill the purpose of our mission: understanding one another better through our four-fold activities in humanitarian, culture, sports, science projects.

PPIA organizes day tours as well as week-end tours.

The first week of December is special because PPIA’s Christmas Concert with dinner treat is scheduled. Before you are off for your end of year leave, please join this special occasion.

Day tours to historical places of Jakarta are periodically organized for the purpose of introducing historical places as well as the local culture.

Last but not least, PPIA’s activities include a variety of programs such as traditional – classical – country musical programs, friendly games, donation of food to disaster victims, setting up librabries, book donation as well as English language scholarship awards. Practicing the gamelan, the line and square dance are our routine programs.

Our bimonthly 40-page newsletter called PPIA NEWS is the organization’s media of communication.

For further information, feel free to contact us by phonep. We are at your service.