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National Museum Guidebook

National Museum GuidebookThe Indonesian Heritage Society and the Museum Nasional have published three museum guides:

The Museum Nasional Guidebook (pictured at the right)

Museum Encounters: Jakarta – Indonesian Heritage Society, 2008.
Museum Encounters: Java and Bali – Indonesian Heritage Society, 2010.

The Museum Nasional Guidebook is organized by color-coded sections beginning with a map showing the layout of the Museum. Starting in Ethnography, the guide takes the reader through a walking tour of 16 sub-areas of the Museum. Each section description begins with an overview of the collection within it and goes on to describe in detail selected artifacts that best illustrate the section’s main themes. The guide book explains the significance of each piece, how it was used in everyday life, or how it played a part in religious or other ceremonies.

The books are designed so that visitors can easily carry it with them as they enjoy the Museums.

(Paperback; 14cm by 21cm; 100 pages).
Available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


The Indonesian Heritage Society, founded in 1970, is a multinational organization of volunteers who support and assist Museum Nasional and other museums in Jakarta and promote public appreciation for Indonesia's cultural heritage. Among the group's many activities, members help catalogue museum artifacts, translate archival records, give museum tours in several languages, teach English and other languages to museum staff, present cultural programs at local schools, organize a bi-annual evening lecture series, hold study groups on selected topics and sponsor study tours to various regions of Indonesia. Volunteers also run an extensive reference library located in Sentral Senayan 1 that is open to members of the Heritage Society.


The Museum Nasional Guidebook is available at the Indonesian Heritage Society library, on the 17th floor, Sentral Senayan 1, (adjacent to Plaza Senayan) Jl. Asia Afrika 8, Jakarta Pusat 10270. As Library hours vary throughout the week, it's best to call in advance to make sure the library is open (572-5870). The book can also be purchased at Museum Nasional, Jl. Merdeka Barat 12, Jakarta Pusat. The book is also available at various expat community bazaars and Heritage Society events.

For more information, contact the Indonesian Heritage Society Library at 572-5870.

For information on other Indonesian Heritage Society Publications.

Last updated November 16, 2021