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Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN)

Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN)General Inquires - info@jakartaanimalaid.com 
Wildlife Sponsor Programs - sponsorwildlife@gmail.com
Adoption/Fostering - jaan_adopt@yahoo.com
Sponsoring an Animal - sponsorjaan@gmail.com

To report on wildlife animal abuses urgently like the illegal dancing monkeys' trade, please text WhatsApp 0813-14962608 with location pinned, photos and/or videos attached. 

JAAN Website - www.jakartaanimalaid.com

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About Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN)

JAAN is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in Indonesia. JAAN was founded in February 2008 by Femke den Haas, Karin Franken and Natalie Stewart. JAAN is divided into two divisions- Domestic and Wildlife.

Domestic Rescue

Under the Domestic Division JAAN rescues, shelters, rehabilitates and re-homes dogs and cats, runs street cat sterilization drives, and gives educational presentations to schools and corporations. JAAN focuses on raising awareness about the proper care of companion animals. The Domestic division also runs an active campaign called "Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI)" to stop the dog meat trade in Indonesia.

animal rescue in jakarta indonesiaJakarta animal rescue

Wildlife Rescue

The Wildlife Division rescues and rehabilitates ex-dancing monkeys (Topeng Monyet), Brahminy Kites and White-bellied Sea Eagles. JAAN strives to return these wild animals to their native habitats. The Wildlife Division also campaigns against keeping primates as pets, works to free wild-caught dolphins from captivity and campaigns against palm oil which destroys the habitat of many wild animals. JAAN strives to end the illegal trade in protected species. The Wildlife Division also gives many presentations promoting the message that Wild Animals Are Not Pets and the wild animals should not be exploited for entertainment.

To see all of JAAN programs and activities please follow JAAN on social media and visit JAAN’s website.

JAAN welcomes volunteers to help with fund-raising, providing foster homes and assisting during JAAN events. Please note that there are limited hands-on volunteering opportunities.

JAAN relies solely on donations to run all of our programs.  We are very grateful for any donations of cash to buy medicines, dry dog and cat food, towels, blankets, etc. for the care of the animals in our animal shelter. You can send your cash donation via bank transfer or your goods to JAAN directly, just email info@jakartaanimalaid.com.

You can also help JAAN by sponsoring a monkey or a dog- please send an email to sponsorjaan@gmail.com for all the details.

You can also support JAAN through buying JAAN merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, etc.


Last updated August 1, 2023.