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Hash House Harriers - Jakarta

Hashers have been described as a bunch of drinkers with a running problem. In truth you need be neither a drinker nor a runner to have fun with us. We're a social group that meets for a short run (less than 1 hour) followed by a gathering where some beer flows.

But if you don't run, don't worry, we've very few athletes in our numbers, and quite a few people who just enjoy a jog or a stroll. Indeed we discourage people from taking the running too seriously. It's the same with the drinking. Please enjoy a few beers with us (it's the cheapest in town, at Rp 10,000 –Rp 80,000 for as much as you want) but if you don't want to, then just have water or soft drinks or return to town. The run fee sometimes includes food as well as beer and soft drinks, depending on which hash chapter. The important things are, you have the opportunity to get some exercise, meet some fun people, and get out of the city and see some places many expats didn't know existed. You join by turning up at a run. You'll find a whole bunch of expats of various nationalities as well as locals.

Most runs start at 17:00 hours at some place within an hours drive from central Jakarta. Sites are chosen in various localities, but typically many runs are in the countryside just off the Jagorawi toll. Runs last for about an hour - no longer - because it tends to get dark after 18:00 hours. The social gathering, known as "the circle" or "on-on" usually goes on until 20:00 when some of us repair for makan, either at a local warung or a restaurant on the way back to town.

Saturday runs usually start at 4.00pm and tend to be longer, but there is always an option of a longer or shorter run so that everyone can finish before dark.

There are several flavours of Hash House Harriers in Jakarta.

On Monday there is Jakarta HHH, who like to think they're a bunch of macho men. Their circle includes singing and jokes. Women are "tolerated", but few turn up these days. Run directions are published on their Facebook page. For more information, email Witless Wanker - witlessw@gmail.com
Batavia Hash House Harrier Hoons (BH4) meet on Thursdays at 5:00pm. This a strictly male run , except on the last Thursday of every month when there is a mixed run. Their circle is characterized by interactive repartee between participants resulting in reward or punishment. These are identical - a mug of beer. But have no fear, just come and enjoy it, you don't have to get pissed. For more information please visit their Facebook page.

TGIS HHH - an adult mixed hash that now runs every 2nd & 4th Saturday at 4:00pm. Formerly called TGIF as the runs were on Fridays but it was changed to TGIS when the runs started being held on Saturdays. For more information, contact tgish3@yahoogroups.com, tgish3@yahoo.com - Facebook

Betawi HHH -a mixed hash that runson Saturdays. The most popular hash probably due to low run fees of Rp 40,000 for men and Rp 20,000 for women. For more information, contact betawihash@yahoo.com
JAVA Hash House Horrors run on the last Sunday of every month at 10:00 am. This is a Family Hash, run by kids with just a bit of help. For more information, contact Gleg Fletcher. More info at (www.cifor.org).
Jakarta Hash House Harriettes: The “Pussy Hash” (have we mentioned Hashers’ have a sense of humor?) meet on theWednesdays at 5 p.m. The ladies lead the run, though men are welcome.
Krakatau HHH - Runs are held on the 5th Saturday in months that have 5 Saturdays.

There are Hash groups in Bali, Balikpapan, Bandung, Bogor, Malang, Mataram, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta and other Indonesian cities!

Partially updated July 29, 2022