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Batam Ladies Expat Society

Batam Ladies Expat Society
(formerly Batam Ladies Lunch Group)

The foundation of our society is built on creating an inclusive community for expatriates and their families. With the rapid influx of new expatriate families re-locating to Batam, our little group has blossomed into a much larger support network, filled with many wonderful & diverse personalities from all corners of the globe.  Our warm society provides a base for sharing knowledge about life in Batam, as well as offering the friendship and family community so very needed when living away from friends & families at our respective homes. If you are contemplating moving to Batam or have already done so, I am sure you will find this group of ladies and their families to be a supportive & friendly network that will provide you with a warm welcome and be available to offer you any advice you may need before and during your time here.

If you would like to join this group, please email us at batamladiesexpatsociety@gmail.com or ask to join our facebook group: Batam Ladies Expat Society.

While originally starting out as a small group who just met for lunch every week, our rapid growth has meant the various talents, interests and activities of our members has become more diverse. As such, we have many regular and enjoyable activities already established to get you started on your new adventure here in Batam. Here are just a few:

Batam Ladies Lunch Group

This group should be your first stopping point in your introduction to life in Batam!

Twice a month, on a Tuesday, either one of our friendly lady lunchers will take it in turns to generously open up their homes and offer a place where we each bring a meal to share (pot-luck lunch), or we meet at one of the local restaurants. It's a great opportunity to, not only enjoy some great food and share some laughs, but also to learn some helpful hints and tips on where to eat, shop and tour in and around Batam. Once a month, the ladies also use this opportunity to celebrate our members' birthdays with a delicious cake made by one of our best finds: a local lady who can make a cake to almost any design - our children will never experience such birthday cakes like the ones they have had here when they return home!

Fitness Clasess

We currently have scheduled classes for:

  • Zumba, Insanity, Yoga & Taekwondo -  held in the Panbil estate in Muka Kuning;
  • Body Pump & Taekwondo - held within the McDermott housing compound in Batu Ampar.

You will need to attend these classes to burn off the calories from the ladies lunches, the many BBQs and other social occasions which involve having lots of fun while consuming vast amounts of food and beverages - not to mention the carb overload from trying all kinds of different Indonesian delights!

Batam Ladies Roadrunners

We are a group of fun ladies who like to dodge holes, rats, rubbish and motorbikes running around the streets of Batam, returning hot, sweaty and hopefully a few grams lighter from the effort of it!

If you like running (well, it's more of a jog really - no point running if you can't chat to your exercise buddies while you're doing it!!) or are interested in taking it up, currently our runs are held every - Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning.

Batam Ladies Book Club

This is a new group which has plans to meet once a month so our expat bookworms get together and discuss a featured "Book of the Month" (as selected by the group). It's a great opportunity to get out of the house, enjoy a coffee and utilise your mind!  The first featured book of the month is "The Earth of Mankind" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

Batam Charity Volunteers

This is a group of ladies living in Batam who are passionate about charity projects, getting involved in creative work at orphanages and promoting a sustainable future. You can find out more about this group by checking them out on facebook: Batam Charity Volunteers

Mums & Munsters and other playgroups

The Expat Mums - you have not been forgotten - the Mums & Munsters meet-ups are a great way for you and your little bundles of joy to make new friends in Batam. Once a month, or more often as time allows (us Mums are just so busy!), you can meet up with other mums and their kids who are not yet attending fulltime school. It's a chance to coffee, cake & chat while your little ones are enjoying time spent with others their age. You can find out more by emailing: wibke.wrobel@gmx.de

Further, every Monday, between 11 -12pm, a playgroup is hosted by one of our awesome Mums for those with children 2 & under.

Arts & Crafts

Every Friday, one of our talented expat ladies donates her time for free to teach kids and adults alike how to make cute and handy Arts & Crafts. She is so creative - you will learn heaps off her and its free - all you have to do is pay for the materials.

Activities & Special Events

An annual gala and other special events held through-out the year include: Halloween, Easter Egg Hunts & Costume Parties.

If all of the above isn't enough to keep you busy, we also occasionally plan other activities to do as a group. So far these have included: Cultural activities - batik painting, soap carving, Indonesian cooking classes and orphanage visits; Outdoor activities - hiking, fishing, cycling, scuba diving & water-skiing; Indoor Activities - spa/pamper days at many of the various spas around Batam.

If you would like to join this group, please email us at batamladiesexpatsociety@gmail.com or ask to join our facebook group: Batam Ladies Expat Society.

Last updated June 5, 2014