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Volunteering Your Services

We need your input and contributions to enable this web site to better serve the expatriate community in Jakarta and Indonesia. You could make a big difference by volunteering your talents and knowledge to enhance the contents of this site.

You could assist by:

  1. Submitting an article or funny story (photos accepted) about an interesting experience that you wish to share with newcomers or long-term expatriates in Indonesia
  2. Submitting information about upcoming social, cultural, national or sporting events in your community into the Calendar of Events on the Living in Indonesia Expat Forum.
  3. Becoming a contact person for your community or organization. Because of the fluid nature of the expat community, our Expat Community Organizations pages need constant updated. If you see something that needs updating on organizations that you are a member of, please contact us.
  4. Sharing the things you've learned during your stay in Indonesia by posting answers to posted questions in the Living in Indonesia Expat Forum.
  5. Suggesting other topics or features which you feel would make this website even more useful for expatriates in Indonesia.
Please contact us with your ideas, or submit information or articles

Our Volunteers- click here to meet those who have volunteered information or assistance for this site over the 14+ years we've been online.