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Unlikely Jakarta Post Headlines

Just for fun: expats joke about "Unlikely Jakarta Post
Headlines" in a unique form of social commentary

Inside - Bill Blade's restaurant review gives readers some idea of what the place is actually like.

Man fined for urinating on the side of the street. A shocked witness said "I never saw anything like it in my life. He just went ahead without so much as a by-your-leave".

Bintang "Lite" on sale soon

Low Tar Kretek in the shops by next year

East Java Traffic Police announce speeding crackdown

Immigrasi to streamline work permit applications

Special discounted price for bule

Rais found singing Waltzing Matilda in Blok M Karaoke Bar - "I just love all things Australian", gushes embarrassed Speaker.

Mega Smashes Castro's Speech record - She just wouldn't stop talking quips a surprised journalist.

Jakarta City councilors to forgo overseas research trips - We can actually get all our information from the Net, exclaims surprised Councilor

Muslim cleric declares - Valentines Day just harmless fun

Tanjung spotted in Monaco - Mecca was just too crowded and would you believe it I won 40 billion Rupiah

Kiemas voted house hubby of the year by readers of The Jakarta Post.

Australian and American embassies to hand out gift hampers to Indonesians wanting visas - Staff explain, applying for a visa is a harrowing experience and we just want them to feel welcome.

Attorney Generals office appoints Judge Judy to hasten East Timor trial

Man fined for throwing garbage in river

Expert says floods "not actually caused by rich people building villas in Puncak, but by lots and lots of rain."

Politician admits he's only in it for the money

Indonesia admits to having nuclear weapons for 3 decades

Playboy channel signs broadcast franchise deal with TVRI

Expat complains about his high compensation

Shocking comparison of what locals pay for housing vs. expats

Aid from foreign countries improves the lives of millions of Indonesians

Indonesian education system focuses on real skills to help graduates solve the country's problems

Honest Indonesian politician - voted #1 oxymoron of the year!

Expat keeping bunnies for pets craze grows - supporting hundreds of indigenous kangkung farmers

Ditches and rivers cleaned throughout Jakarta!

Primary Education becomes truly free for all Indonesians!

Man fined for driving a car without insurance

We've checked, and there is no evidence at all that Al Qaeda are in Indonesia, contrary to recent reports that bin Laden has been seen on a bus in Bali. And Laskar Jihad has every right to be in Ambon doing important humanitarian work (oops, that was a real one).

Police raid fake Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt stall. "Allowing these fake things to be sold would undermine a legitimate business's legitimate royalties income, which wouldn't be fair, and takes away the public's right to wear legitimate genuine articles", a legitimate spokesperson said. One hour later the stall reopened. "As I said before, there is no reason why a legitimate business can't provide the public with a legitimate choice of merchandise", said the same legitimate spokesperson whilst counting a wad of Rp 10,000 notes.

Man fined for riding a bike the wrong way along the middle of a one-way street in the dark with no lights and wearing black clothes. And three kids on the back. "This was most irresponsible," said a police spokesperson. "When challenged, he only offered me 5000 rupiah. When out at night, wear something bright is what I always say".

Source: Postings on the Expat Forum

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