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How to Find A Good Private Tutor for Your Children in Indonesia

Not all children are capable of autonomous study, and some need extra time outside of class to make good grades. Busy parents often don’t have enough time to dedicate to their child’s studies; this struggle of priorities between home life and work manifests itself most visibly in the trials of working mothers. However, services have developed that provide relief for working parents in the form of in-home private tutoring for children. The question is: what differentiates a quality service?

Reasons that children don’t succeed in their studies

The primary reason that parents employ a tutor for their children is that their grades are below the acceptable school average. Sometimes parents aren't able to assist the child themselves due to busy work schedules, lack of understanding of the subject themselves, or differing languages in the home and in the classroom/homework assignments.

Parents should be carefully monitoring their children's grades so that the causes of any deterioration can be quickly dealt with. The causes of difficulties in school may include:

  • A lack of interest in the subject material. This may be due to uninteresting delivery from teachers or the child not understanding the material fully. The child may also be having difficulties comprehending classroom instruction in a new language that isn't their native language.
  • The child is not used to studying in groups. A typical classroom could have a teacher delivering material to a large number of students, and certain students may need the private setting provided by tutoring to facilitate learning.
  • An overall lack of focus. The previous two factors may be contributing to this, as well as a lack of quality nutrition. A healthy breakfast can long a way towards counteracting these problems.
  • A lack of attention. Children may want additional attention or affection from their parents to do their best in school, especially in the case when both parents work outside the home. Extra effort from parents to support the education of their child’s education, such as a period of undivided attention after work each day, will go a long way towards helping their children do their best.

Tips for choosing the best fitting private tutor service in Indonesia

  • A younger tutor typically has more energy, be more open to ideas and make an easier connection with children.
  • Tutors should be engaged according to their subject area knowledge. Don’t hire a physics tutor and expect him/her to help your children get good grades in biology!
  • Pay close attention to the tutor’s methods. A great subject area expert will not necessarily be a good teacher. One-on-one teaching needs to happen in a low-stress environment with easy to follow instructions and explanations conducive to learning.

Several subject areas may need additional work regardless of the child’s innate abilities; these may include English, math, computer science and foreign languages. These subjects are most often requested of private tutors for expat children in Indonesia.

Tips for choosing an English/foreign language tutor

  • The study of languages should be conducted in groups, so that children can practice and receive immediate feedback from their classmates. . This environment is less inhibiting and children are often more open to try to pronounce and use newly learned words. Small workgroups or pairings can be used for students more suited to solitary study.
  • A native speaker of the language will be able to provide a more authentic conversation experience. Such a speaker should also be a teacher certified to teach the language. Just because it may be the teacher's native language does not necessarily mean they are well versed in the grammar and structure of the language.
  • The tutor should have a through technical grounding in the language being taught as well as excellent conversation skills.

Tips for choosing a math tutor

  • One-on-one tutoring is best for math, as it is a subject requiring high levels of concentration and personal work.
  • Certified tutors, such as mathematical engineers or master’s students will have the necessary grounding for teaching courses and related materials required for further comprehension. Parents should keep in mind, however, that even though the tutor is qualified does not mean that they can explain concepts well. It would be best to sit in on a couple of lessons and evaluate how easy it is to comprehend their teaching method.
  • Licensed math teaching organizations can provide ready-made courses for children as extra practice outside the assigned school work. Resources such as infokursus.net can be used to select an appropriate tutoring service.

Tips for choosing a computer science tutor

  • One-on-one instruction tutoring is best for computer science for the same reasons as math. Tutors can also follow a student’s progress and adjust the pace of instruction accordingly.
  • It is best to try to find a teacher that has been certified in the particular material being taught.
  • Organizations that provide computer science tutoring can also provide certification services which provide your child with professional certifications upon completion of tutoring.

These are some points of consideration when choosing a tutoring service for your child. Make sure the child also has input in the final decision. If the child enjoys the instruction methods, tutoring will be much more successful. Tutoring in different subjects can also help a child to find out what fields of study they are truly interested in.

Other than grades, total knowledge application ability gained should also be a consideration for parents. A well rounded knowledgeable person will have an important competitive differentiate in the job marketplace. The ability to creatively apply knowledge to solve problems will be important to your child’s future, and should receive equal weighting when choosing a tutoring service.

Making Arrangements with the Tutor

Private tutors in Indonesia are often willing to come to your home. They tend to be working teachers who are moonlighting after school hours to make ends meet. The sight of "Guru Les" entering the middle class homes in the neighborhood in the afternoon is quite common.

Private tutors will appreciate you sticking to a schedule and accommodating their work schedule whenever possible. If you agree to have your child/children study at a certain time and day every week, make sure that they are at home and available, rested and refreshed from their day at school before starting an exacting hour or two of tutoring lessons. This may mean taking a refreshing shower upon getting home from school, having a snack and then digging in with the tutor.

Keep in mind that many tutors have multiple appointments during the afternoon and evenings so they are unable to stay past the allotted time for your child. This works both ways though and if the tutor is continuously late this may cut into other family activities or meal times in the home. In this case, it is best to speak with the tutor as soon as it becomes obvious that there are scheduling difficulties and express your concerns in an effort to correct it as soon as possible.

If your child isn't available due to sickness or other pressing appointments, it is customary to still pay the tutor for the tutoring session. They are dependent on that income and are saving the time slot for your child.

Additional compensation for travel expenses is often expected. It may be best to agree to a trial period at first, say of one month, to determine whether or not the match is good, before proceeding with the tutoring relationship for a longer term.

Your child's tutor often becomes a trusted adult and friend to your children and can help guide them through difficulties in school, encourage and motivate them, and help them strive towards excellence. For this reason it is very important that their personality is a good fit with your children's.

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