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International Telecommunciation Services

International Direct Dialing

If your home is not already equipped with international direct dialing access, you will have to place all of your overseas calls through the operator at a much higher rate than direct dialing. Ask your landlord to install IDD access in your home before you move in.

Once you have an IDD line, direct dialing a long distance phone is easy. First you dial International Access (001 for Indosat), then the country code, then your area code, then the phone number you are dialing. So to Central Washington State in the US, for example, that is 001-1-509-555-9999.

Each phone provider has a different code for international access. Ask your provider what it is, then dial:

Internationl Access Code + Country Code + Phone Number

Home Country Direct

Indosat (001) provides Home Country Direct service that can be accessed from any type of telephone equipped with IDD or at special phone terminals located around Jakarta. To use HCD from an ordinary touch tone telephone - you simply dial 001 + 801 + HCD Code. At special HCD terminals, posted information will direct you on how to use the terminal.

You will be connected directly to the operator in your country which speaks your language. Then you can place a collect call, credit card call or use pre-paid international phone cards. These special terminals are currently located in the airport, Jakarta Intercultural School, some malls, the National Museum, and additional sites are coming.

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