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Fun Activities for Children in Jakarta

Jakarta is a huge metropolitan city with a tremendous variety of things to do. Although many feel there are limited things to do for families, actually that is not the case. With a little imagination and planning, there are plenty of activities for adventurous teenagers as well as young children. If you are looking for something new to do…why not check out these activities:

Ragunan Zoological Park: Who doesn't like a trip to the zoo! See animals native to Indonesia iin a 350 acre park in Ragunan, Pasar Minggu. Visit the children's zoo and the Schmutzer primate center for a close experience with Indonesia's fauna.

Dunia Fantasi: Dunia Fantasi "Dufan" is Jakarta’s theme amusement park located at Ancol in North Jakarta. Dufan features over 40 rides,  including the Halilintar, a loop the loop roller coaster; a fume ride that might get you wet, and Istana Boneka, the local version of Disney’s “It’s a Small World”. This is a popular destination with teenagers too, so be prepared for long waits on holidays to get on the rides. Avoid on weekends and holidays, if possible.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah: This cultural park is located on the eastern outskirts of Jakarta. Taman Mini is a miniature version of Indonesia that features examples of houses from all the provinces across the archipelago. The Imax theatre shows various films and should not be missed. One of the other attractions is the bird park that has a large collection of tropical birds that are native to Indonesia. The younger members of the family will enjoy feeding the fish in the center pond. Various museums are located on the grounds but one of special interest is Purna Bakti Pertiwi Museum that houses the collection of presents given to former president Soeharto. The park is very crowded on the weekends, but is a great way to get a glimpse of the cultures of the 300+ different ethnic groups in Indonesia.

Ujung Kulon National Park: Located on the southwest shore of Java about a 3-hour drive from Jakarta. The Park offers one of Indonesia’s most pristine and untouched natural attractions. The Javan rhino, a highly endangered species, together with leopards, Javan gibbons, banteng, eagles, pythons, crocodiles and turtles represents just a fraction of the wide range of carnivores, deer, primates, birds, reptiles and amphibians that live in the park.

Ice Skating at Sky Rink: Just because you are in the tropics does not mean you can’t go ice skating! On the 5th floor of Mall Taman Anggrek in West Jakarta, you can cool down on the ice. Public skating is available through the week and weekends. Lessons are available and there are also several hockey teams which play early morning on the weekends. You can find out more by contacting Sky Rink at: 564-2888

Take Scuba Diving Lessons: This may not be an option for younger children, but older children will certainly enjoy being introduced to the underwater world. Take diving lessons in Jakarta so you can experience some of the greatest diving areas in the world on family vacations to Lombok, Bali, and Manado. Some dive companies give lessons in hotel swimming pools.

Water Parks: Located in Lippo Cikarang, Pantai Indah Kapuk, and Pondok Indah Mall III - water parks are a fun way to “cool down” on a hot afternoon.

Laser Game: Technology has improved on paintball and now you can enjoy the same fun as paintball without the pain of getting hit or the mess of the paint. Laser Game uses infrared technology to record hits on an individual or a team. At the end of the session a printout is generated with the record of all the action during the 15-minute session. Played in a maze with black light, this is a great activity for children 8 years and older - all the way to adults. Corporations are a using laser games as a way to encourage team building or outing for their young executives.

See a movie at Cineplex 21: Indonesia has some of the most luxurious movie theatres anywhere. Most major releases from Hollywood are screened shortly after their premier abroad. Movies audio is kept in English and screened with Bahasa Indonesia subtitles. Many theatres offer a “Buy One, Get One” credit card program on the weekend making going to the movies not only a fun experience but an economical one too! Some of the better theatres are at Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Senayan City, Grand Indonesia.

Kidzania: Kidzania is a role playing indoor theme park. Children are given the opportunity to work at over 70 professions with opportunities to become a doctor or a pilot or baker for the day. They are paid with Kidzos, the official currency of the park. There are two sessions during the day, 9:00– 2:00 and 3:00 – 8:00. Because of its popularity it is best to make reservations for your child. Kidzania is located in Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta.

Go Bowling: Any age can bowl! You do not have to be a good bowler to enjoy an afternoon at the lanes. Bowling alleys have special lanes for younger bowlers with bumpers over the gutters. This makes bowling fun for all ages with the little ones being able to participate in an afternoon of bowling. There is bowling alley in Ancol in Jakarta.

Atmosfear fx: For the thrill seekers in the family, how about planning a trip to FX mall and slide down their 7-story slide inside the fx shopping mall.

Car Free Day: Walk the main road of Jalan Sudirman - Jalan Thamrin becomes a public space from 6:00am - 11:00am every Sunday when private cars are banished and walkers, joggers, skaters, skateboarders, walkers, and cyclists abound! Given Jakarta's notorious traffic, it's a fantastic change from the ordinary. It's a great day and place to enjoy open space with reduced air pollution, and enjoy some family-oriented exercise and walk the family dog! The road is closed from Ratu Plaza all the way to the National Monument (Monas). Enjoy street food and the occasional public event along the way!

Family Fun Near Jakarta

Tea Walk: Take a walking tour through the tea plantations at Puncak about a one and a half hour drive south of the city. These plantations are located between Bandung and Bogor in the mountainous area, with cooler temperatures than Jakarta and spectacular views. This outing offers a great change from the hustle and bustle of the city. The trip is best timed during the week to avoid horrendous weekend traffic jams. Nearby the tea estates you have opportunities for horseback riding, cycling an dother outdoor fun.

Taman Safari: Taman Safari is located about one and a half hours drive south of Jakarta in the mountain community of Puncak. This outdoor park allows you to drive your car through the animals in their natural surroundings. Over 1,000 animals from all over the world can be seen at the park. On the weekend there are various animal shows and opportunities to take pictures with orangutans and baby tigers.

White Water Rafting on the Citarik River, Sukabumi: About a one and a half hour drive south of Jakarta, white water rafting is a fun activity for the whole family. Several companies run well run tours with trained guides. Ask for local resident rates. Avoid going during the rainy season of January through March when excessive rains makes the water conditions unpredictable and may be dangerous for small children.

Take a drive to Bandung: Drive to Bandung where you can go factory outlet shopping. Because of the numerous garment factories that are producing garments for both local and export buyers, you can get some great buys and sometimes wonderful winter clothing that did not make the shipment A drive up to see Tangkuban Perahu (active volcanic region) and the tea plantations also makes for a great weekend.

Cultural Activities

There are a myriad of cultural activities in the city, just check out some of the major venues to see what they have scheduled:

Gedung Kesenian
Taman Ismail Marzuki

No matter what your family members like ... you're sure to find some fun, family entertainment in Jakarta!

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Last updated June 24, 2024