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Difficult Times Hit Java

It is definitely a difficult time for the ladies from the middle and upper class in Java. They are having a hard time this week. The pembantu, drivers, gardeners and all other kind of staff have gone to celebrate Idul Fitri (the celebrations after the Muslim fasting month) with their family who mostly live in villages far away from the city.

What does this mean for the ones who stay at home and normally keep busy managing their staff. They have to do all the work themselves this week and surely this has caused some panic, especially the very first day. Cook themselves, wash up themselves, sweep the floor themselves, water the plants themselves, take care of the kids themselves, iron the clothes themselves, pour drinks themselves, open the door themselves, answer the phone themselves, etc., etc.

How were all these things done? I turned on the TV yesterday and found myself in an interview with an Indonesian celebrity who was trying to survive this week; she did not look very well.

If they really get depressed, they can always find refugee in a nearby hotel. Fortunately it will all end next week when everything will be back to normal and the work of the staff will be appreciated again.

I would like to write some more but unfortunately cannot, as my pembantu is also away on holiday and I am knackered. I still have to cook, wash up, mop the floor, water the plants, change the sheets, do the shopping etc ... I hope I can do all before the end of the day.

We thank Gaby Schilders for sharing her Lebaran experiences with us!

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