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Conquer Your Cravings

The diets that take care of cravings, so you don't have to!

The bane of any dieter's life is the temptation of "forbidden foods." Candy and carbohydrates call to you from the cupboard, the dessert menu or the supermarket aisle, enticing you to cheat with the thought, "Just a little piece of cake, a bag of chips, one donut... can't hurt." But give in to the first craving and the game is over. For many, that first bite leads to loss of willpower and weight loss becomes a distant dream. Thankfully, the programs that are put together by Doctors put you back in control and give you all the support you need to conquer cravings and make your weight-loss dreams a reality.

Lose the Cravings, Lose the Pounds

Scientists debate whether the origin of cravings is psychological or physiological, but the fact remains that whatever their cause, cravings have the power to undo even the most determined weight-loss attempt. The programs are carefully designed to address both the physiological and psychological aspects of cravings to help free you once and for all from the impulse to binge.

The Support You Need to Succeed

With the doctor-formulated programs, you'll enjoy nutritious meal-replacement and snack options that help balance your metabolism and diminish cravings at the cellular level, thanks to Cellular Nutrition. In addition, the supplements can help reduce hunger pangs and curb cravings while they enhance your fat-burning metabolism. Both weight-management programs include plenty of healthy and delicious foods, meal replacements and snacks that will make you feel like you're "cheating," while you continue to shed pounds.

The programs will give you all the help you need to rev up your fat-burning engines, break through your previous weight-loss barriers and leave cravings in the dust. A few days into either of the programs and you'll discover that fat-inducing foods no longer have the same power to steer you off course. And the only craving you may continue to have is the craving to lose even more weight.

As the world's leading weight management company, Herbalife New Body For You have helped millions of people lose weight safely and effectively for more than 20 years. Our experience combined with the expertise of scientists, doctors, and nutritionists who make up the medical advisery Board, has led to products that are on the leading edge of health and dietary enhancements.

We understand that people like to have choices when it comes to losing weight. However, these choices must be safe, effective and healthy. Our two simple approaches start with the essential building blocks of our Cellular Nutrition Program (nourishment at the cellular level) and combine them with the fat-burning abilities of thermogenic herbs to create our Thermojectics Programs. Both Thermojetics Programs are designed for optimal weight management (lose it or gain it), powered by Cellular Nutrition and include heart healthy, low fat soy. Healthy. Effective. Safe.

"When Things Go Wrong, Don't Go With It."

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