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Canting Batik - A traditional batik hand tool from Indonesia

In response to a request from a visitor to this site .. we've put together this page on the Canting Batik ... the traditional Indonesian tool that is used to apply wax in fine dots and lines on a cloth. Wherever the wax is applied, the cloth resists the next dye bath that it is put in .. leaving the white dot/line (or another color if the cloth has already been dyed).

Tips of different canting - used to make batik tulis Though the size of most canting are similar .. the difference is in the "tip" that allows the wax to flow from the "bowl". Bigger holes in the tip allow wider lines and bigger dots.
Bowl of the traditional batik canting from Indonesia Looking down on the top of the "bowl" where the wax is held prior to application to the cloth.
Looking at the underside of the batik canting - differnt hole sizes This closeup shows the various sizes of opening holes in the tips.
applying wax dot by dot with a batik canting Each wax dot is applied one by one by the canting.
applying lines and filling in spaces with the canting The canting points to the curvy lines which it created in this finished piece of batik.
making small dots with a canting The canting points to the small dots it created in this finished piece.