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Bali Shopping Frenzy for Kids - Itinerary Idea

By Laetitia Knight

Destination: Jalan Raya Kerobokan, next to Seminyak

Start the day around 9 o’clock when it is still not too hot outside. Jalan Raya Kerobokan, next to Seminyak, is a haven for small boutiques selling original and well-priced clothes, toys and gifts for young children.

From the end of Sunset Road you can walk up the street to find various small boutiques catering for kids. It is possible to walk but be aware there is usually a lot of traffic in that street. The easiest is perhaps to come with a scooter to stop and park where you like but you can also do it by car if you have a driver who can stop and wait. Parking can be an issue. Whether your kids can come with you depends on their age because walking in and out of shops when it is hot outside can be a challenge for the little ones. There are not many cafés on that street so make sure you bring plenty of water and a snack.

Jalan Kerobokan has various boutiques where to find children’s gifts, cute clothes, books and toys. In no particular order, you will find:
Star Moon: clothes shop for the little ones with many colorful items with cute characters or animal figures.

Enchanted Books is great shop with local and imported children’s books and toys. They also have dress up costumes and educational games. Outside they post quotes that are inspiring to parents and they make an effort for special celebrations such as Halloween or Christmas. This is a good pace to find a present.

Happy Kidz sells locally made wooden toys that are attractive and colorful. Their castles and dollhouses are made to order and they are excellent birthday presents.

Rainbow Road makes and sells gorgeous dollhouses and furniture. Their workshop is at the back of the shop.

Wanabe on the same side as Enchanted Books, sells costumes for all occasions and they also have dolls’ accessories.

Bebeboom is a wonderful clothes shop for babies where you can find good quality and affordable items with original designs that can suitb boys as well as girls.

Little Bohemian has children’s furniture in vibrant colors. They also sell toys and bedding accessories.

Geneva, along Jalan Kerobokan, is an enormous warehouse/shop selling just about anything you can find in the markets of Bali. It has 3 floors full of objects, ornaments and textiles that can be great presents for children. This shop is popular because of its low fixed prices.

Kayu Natural is a textile shop making cushions, mosquito nets, beddings, beanbags and more in colorful materials attractive for children.

For lunch, If your children like Indonesian food like Nasi or Mie Goreng or enjoy being more adventurous with their choice, Warung D’Sawah (meaning literally on the rice fields) up Jalan Raya Kerobokan is has a great setting with a green rice fields at the back, a spacious garden with a lion drift wood sculpture, antiques and a wooden house from another province of Indonesia. A young coconut juice will replenish their energy. Open setting and good value. Warung D’Sawah, Jl Raya Kerobokan no 17.

If your kids prefer Western food, you can try one of the many air-conditioned restaurants close by on Jalan Petintenget. Biku, the tearoom and restaurant featured in the Brunch and High Tea section of this guide, is on Jalan Petitenget # 888.

If you are shopping with a friend and without your kids you might want to try one of the many excellent places on Jalan Petitenget. A refined place is the Café Jemme on the side of Jemme jewelry shop. The restaurant is in an idyllic setting overlooking the rice fields and you can relax and enjoy a cocktail after the intensity of a hard morning shopping mission! Jl Petitenget # 28.

Warung Europa, a bit further down the street has the best crispy duck of Bali and their salads are gorgeous for a lighter lunch. Jl Petitenget #9D.

In the afternoon, you will be best planning a relaxed activity like going to the beach, staying by the pool or catching a movie at Bali Galleria where you can shop for those difficult to find or modern items in this air conditioned mall.

Our thanks to Laetitia Chanéac-Knight, Language teacher and author of Bali with Kids.

© Laetitia Knight, 2011