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XSProject Foundation
(Yayasan XSProject Reguna Kreasi)

Using art and education to protect the environment and reduce poverty

xs project in jakartaXSProject Foundation endeavours to use design and education to protect the environment and reduce poverty. Activities involve large scale design efforts and through recycling finding new ways of using non-recyclable waste to create fresh products, reduce trash and provide livelihoods for the poor. XSProject Foundation works across sectors, developing community-specific recycling and environmental awareness programs and innovative product design. All of our programs help raise the quality of life for Jakarta’s trash pickers who live in extreme poverty as well as teaching people life skills at NGOs. The simple pilot projects developed by XSProject Foundation are intended for replication across Indonesia, providing new income opportunities for the poor while reducing the huge, growing volume of trash.

recycling materials used for bagsUnlike valued ‘sanitation workers’ in many other countries who have insurance, benefits, uniforms, decent salaries, vacations and enjoy social recognition, the trash-picking population in Indonesia is somewhat “invisible”. They create a living off our consumer habits and lack of environmental responsibility.

Poor neighborhood where project workers liveXSProject purchases trash at above average prices from trash picking community members and then transforms this trash into beautifully crafted designs. XSProject is not only using small consumer wastes products like oil and soap packets but are now creating products out of advertising banners and other large scale waste.

example of a bag

A percentage of sales from XSProject products is used to provide the community with cleaner facilities and amenities. XSProject has provided the kampung (village) with toilets, water pumps and other materials that improve their standard of living. Along with this, XSProject also provides the children of the kampung with specific goods they need for school, like books and uniforms.

We welcome your participation and your support of the XSProject Foundation. Your support is crucial in enabling the foundation to implement initiatives that will benefit many Indonesians while creating new projects that tye together environmental cleanup and awareness with poverty reduction through education and innovative design ideas.

For more information, or to visit our showroom, please contact:
XSProject Shop
Jl. Kaimun Jaya No. 28
RT.010 / RW.04
Cilandak Barat, Jakarta 12430
Email retno.hapsari@gmail.com, retno.hapsari@xsproject-id.org
Website www.xsproject-id.org
+62-812 105 3614 (Retno)

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For Donations:
Account name: Yayasan XSProject Reguna Kreasi
Account Number: 127-00-0427564-8 (IDR)
Bank: Bank Mandiri - Cabang Fatmawati, Jakarta

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