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Agape Quits and Crafts

A Labor of Love

An Unlikely Beginning...

One day in 1991 a friend from an Indonesian village saw my grandmother's quilt and asked if she could make one like it. A few days later she brought in a good copy, made from scraps! Arlene Richardson

Arlene Richarson s

...With Life-changing Results

My life has changed dramatically. I was born in an isolated mountain village, and worked for years as a housemaid in the city. Now I work in the Agape store and help with the final quality control of our products. As a single parent, I'm thankful that my job provides for the needs of my family. Ibu Dede

I used to make fifty cents a day selling soup on the roadside in the city - not enough to support my wife and children. Since I learned to make quilts at Agape Craft, they eat well, and my children can go to school. I've been able to return home to my village, which now has an Agape production unit, and live with my family. Bapak Dadang


The Idea Takes Off

In its first two years Agape trained about a hundred members in four villages and two cities. Their handicrafts were marketed domestically and over a thousand beautiful quilts were sewn. Now in 2002, 11 years after its beginning, Agape has 300 workers in 11 cities and villages and produces about 200 large quilts per month, as well as other handicrafts.

Showing Love by Sharing Skills

sThe word Agape means 'selfless love' in Greek. We seek to show this love to our workers by enhancing their lives in the following ways:

  • providing training in how to make various crafts
  • organizing village production units
  • marketing products
  • giving counsel on life issues
  • providing access to new resources
  • helping them to provide for themselves and their families
Agape Craft is a non-profit effort, existing for the benefit of its participants.

An Expanding Network

As Agape looks to the future, we envision a growing network of village production cooperatives and networking with other organizations with similar goals. While the domestic market will remain our main target, we will also explore opportunities for marketing internationally.

Our products include:

sQuilts galore - Patterns include Double Irish chain, Grandmother's Fan, Sail Boat, Wedding Ring, Lone Star, Bear's Paw, Log Cabin, and Appliqué.

Small products - Bean Bag Bears, Pillow Shams, Throw Pillows, Table Runners, Pot Holders, Wall Hangings, Dolls, Angels, and much, much more!

"I had no idea a simple act of love would blossom into a program helping hundreds!"

Arlene Richardson
A real-life love story is taking place in the islands of Indonesia.


  • 238 million people, the world's 4th largest population
  • over 17,000 islands, 400 languages
  • 40 million people surviving on less than $1 a day
  • largest Muslim population
sThrough a rapidly expanding network of self-help craft production centers called Agape Craft, hundreds of villagers and urban poor are learning new skills!

A simple act of love has blossomed into a program that is giving new life and new hope to many.

For more information about Agape Craft, placing an order or assisting this program please contact:

Agape Quilts and Crafts
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